2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 9

June 22

This morning when I tried to install my GPS in its cradle I experienced some technical difficulties. It seemed like it was stuck or bound up. After fighting with it for about 20 minutes I decided to lube the moving parts. All I had was motor oil so I dribbled a few drops on the moving parts. Bam! The cradle worked smoother than it ever has. Another problem solved.

We have a full day planned today. Ride to Hill City for shopping and a train ride. Then back to Deadwood for a buffet feast and the burlesque show. Will the great temperatures ever end?

Hill City wasn't packed so we found good parking spaces. We worked our way through the shops. Since we had found the counterfeit license yesterday that Donna was wanting I really didn't have anything to look for, so I just followed her and watched her shop.

It was lunch time and the Bumpin Buffalo presented itself. When we were here in 2009 some food the previous day had trashed my gastrointestinal system so I had just had a salad. Today I will eat! The place was almost empty so we had our choice of seats. Our timing was great. Within fifteen minutes people started pouring in. I had a delicious chicken club.

When lunch was over it was time to head to the train station. We bought our tickets and waited in line. We talked to a couple from Florida who rode a Harley trike and swapped travel stories.

The train ride was peaceful and relaxing. I nodded off a few times but the blast from the steam whistle woke me up. When the train arrived at Keystone we didn't even disembark. We just flipped the seats around and rode it back.

Lounging after the train ride.

When we were back on the bikes I wanted to show Donna where we stayed in 2009. My bearings were off and I rode the wrong way out of town. Good thing John remembered the directions. There was a chance of thunderstorms this evening and there a few dark clouds on the ride back up US385. Great temperatures remained.

Because of the forecast we parked in the parking garage...just in case.

We walked to the east end of Main Street to the Lucky Nugget to confirm the burlesque show was still on. It was. Shows at 9:30pm and 10:30pm.

Now we headed all the way to the other end of Main Street to the Silverado Casino. Uphill all the way...huff huff. They have a prime rib and crab buffet. All you can eat. I ate all I could.

After the buffet we sat outside the casino and watched the traffic for awhile. We headed back down the street for more shopping. Donna had found a purse the other day she liked so today we got it...and a matching billfold. I'll never understand women and their purses. She was happy though and that's what counts.

We found a bench in front of the Bullock Hotel and became sightsee'ers. There were some rowdy guys on Harleys peeling out. Unimpressive. I noticed a couple people getting half-smoked cigarettes out of the ashtray next to our bench. They must be desperate for a smoke.

Eventually the rest of the gang came down the street and we regrouped for another reenaction of the capture of Wild Bill Hickok's assassin...Jack McCall.

After the reenaction we went to the ice cream shop from the other day to get something to drink as we waited for the burlesque show. We noticed a sign for a model railroad so some of us went downstairs to investigate. It was a huge layout by the Northern Hills Railway Society. It was coin activated so we watched it run for awhile. Impressive. I've loved model railroads since I was a kid but I'll never have the time or money or space for one.

We went to the Lucky Nugget where the show was and purchased tickets, then waited for the show to start. They rang a bell and we went into a little theatre. There was a guy playing guitar and the girl who did the show. Both of them sang different songs. For those who are wondering...there is no nudity. It was a fun little show.

Near the end of the show we heard the rumblings of thunder. When we left the building there was the occasional lightning flash. About the time we made it to the parking garage it started to lightly rain but with big drops. We put on the rain gear, paid the parking fees, and headed out. The rain was intermittent and I was more worried about the freshly wet roads. The storm was more bark than bite and we got back to the cabin without incident. It had pretty much quit raining by then and was only windy. We spent the rest of the evening lounging.

Today Monty & Stephanie rode to Belle Fourche then into Wyoming a little ways before going to Spearfish Canyon then up through Lead and Deadwood. They had planned to go to the lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore but the storm curtailed those plans.

97 miles.

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