2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip


18 days. 4388 miles. 5151 pictures taken. 128.4 gallons of gas used. Very little rain. More lifetime memories made.

My favorite part of this year's trip was spending time with Donna. She added a whole new dimension to the trip. It was nice to talk to her on the intercom when I was bored. It was fun to watch her shop. She took good care of me. It was nice having someone special to share the trip with. She's precious.

It was neat that Monty & Stephanie went on their vacation at a similar time and location. I enjoyed following their travels and riding with them.

Other than the deer carcass strike the mechanical problems were trivial. Hopefully the weather will be cooler when the trike is ready for repair and we can make a nice weekend trip to Preemption to get it fixed.

The VHF radio system was nice to have but I think there is still room for improvement. I'd like to improve clarity and range. I've found out the Kenwood portable's antenna connector doesn't have a ground connection on it, so this might be part of our problem. I'm going to replace my portable with a Yaesu FTM-10R mobile. We'll see how that works.

Donna now has her own set of Frogg Toggs.

In some ways I missed having the weather radar on my GPS but I doubt I get it again since it would involve purchasing another external antenna. It's just as easy to use my phone.

It was nice that we all had trailers. No issues with room other than the bison skulls.

This trip has given me a renewed interest in trains. I bought some railroad magazines at the bookstore and one of them featured the BNSF line along Nebraska Hwy 2.

As soon as we got back to Indiana my phone quit giving me fits. It must have been something with the phone system out there that was making my phone reboot.

After the trip I input my expenses, gas usage, etc. into a spreadsheet. I found that when pulling the trailer and going over 70 mph my gas mileage was in the 26-28 mpg range. If I dropped speeds to 67-68 mph the gas mileage went up to the 32-33 mpg range. With no trailer it went to 40-43 mpg.

We've got a couple smaller trips planned for this year. Stay tuned!

See you on the Highway!

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