2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 15

June 28

Today is the last day in South Dakota and is a day to tie up loose ends.

Donna had mentioned earlier that my trailer latch didn't seem right. I checked it out this morning and found a minor problem. The pinch bolt on the back latch had fallen out and was nowhere to be found. This just means we'll have to open both latches to open the trailer.

We also needed to look at Mike's trailer. He needed the new bolt put in, his hitch wasn't attaching smoothly, and the wheel still had some wobble. The bolt was a simple matter. John found a piece on the hitch mechanism was misoriented 90 degrees so he moved it around. Another problem solved. We put the spare tire on and the wobble was still there. Upon closer inspection it appears the hub is slightly tweaked. None of the paint or welds showed signs of damage. We're blaming it all on the deer strike. Oh well. It wobbled on the way out and it will wobble on the way back home. Nothing we can do here.

With the mechanical duties out of the way we had a few places to go. The first was the antique store. John and Mike wanted bison skulls and had decided to see if the antique lady would lower her prices. In anticipation of success John took his trailer. It took some effort but each got a skull at a discount.

The next stop was a trip to Cheyenne Crossing. Donna and Jerri had never been here, so they got to browse. Donna got some lotion. Finishing here it was back to the cabin.

The trailers were hitched.

Mike and John packed their skulls.

The rest of us were lazy and enjoyed the nice weather on our last day here. I don't think the temperature got above 80 degrees today. Debby made chicken & dumplings with scalloped potatoes. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We watched the premiere of 'Anger Management' with Charlie Sheen. A kid came by and picked up the old hottub cover. We packed up everything but what we would need in the morning.

Tomorrow we start the journey back home. All indications are we will get into some heat the farther south we go.

21 miles.

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