2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 10

June 23

This morning John & Debby rode to Rapid City to see Ashton and the grandbaby. John had intially planned to come back and go riding but decided to hang out as well. It was nice they got to spend some family time together.

Speaking of family time, Monty & Stephanie will be hooking up with us today and we'll do some riding together. When we were leaving (at 10:21) they said they were in the Sturgis area and would meet us at Belle Fourche.

Belle Fourche, SD. 11:01, mileage 59,393 - We hadn't gotten gas for a couple days so that was the first thing to do. No gas stations presented themselves until we reached Belle Fourche.

When we got the geographical center visitor center Monty & Stephanie were already there. It was nice to see them 1300 miles from home. Introductions were made.

We browsed the visitor center then headed out to the monument itself. The temperature was already in the 80s so the shade felt good.

Last night when we were putting on the rain gear we found the faceshield for Donna's helmet had cracked. She said the rain water ran into the crack and hit her face. We stopped at the bike dealer in town to see what they had. They didn't have any of the simple 5-point shields but they had a 3-point flip-up shield. We bought it and Donna can try it out.

From here we took SD-34/WY-24 to Devil's Tower. I'd never been on this road before. It was similar to other Wyoming highways I've been on. Scenic, rugged landscape, but a little desolate. You wouldn't want to have bike troubles out here. As we neared Hulett the road gets a little curvier with a lot of tar snakes. The warm weather was making the tar snakes slicker than snot. All three of us felt it.

When we reached Devil's Tower we stopped at the trading post for drinks and restroom break. We decided to have lunch here. I had a hamburger.

Enjoying the after lunch shade.

We entered the park and rode up to the tower. It is now officially warm. I thought I remembered the road up to be curvy but it wasn't really. We parked and walked to the base of the tower. There is a 1.3 mile paved trail that circles the tower. Monty & Stephanie did this trail while the rest of us were lazy and layed on the rocks in the shade. When they got back we went to the visitor center.

When we left the tower area we stopped in the valley so the girls could watch the prairie dogs. It would be a good place for a rifle. He he he. From here we took WY-24 to US14 to Sundance then I-90 back east. More scenic roads. At Sundance I noticed the turnoff to the interstate just as I passed it. We took a trip through downtown Sundance.

Bye guys. Ride safe!

At Spearfish Monty & Stephanie continued down I-90 while the rest of us headed towards Spearfish Canyon. I thought they might ride the canyon and hang out at the cabin for awhile, but they wanted to eat and try again to catch the night ceremony at Mount Rushmore since they leave tomorrow. It was nice to get to ride with them in scenic Wyoming and South Dakota. No worrying about ambulance stuff or fire department stuff.

We pulled into a gas station to get something to drink and made a nice discovery. They had 44 oz. sweet teas for $0.74. Nice! I get tired of drinking pop and water. Tea reminds me of home.

From here we found our way to Spearfish Canyon.

Near the southern end is a lake with a large parking lot. I think this is my favorite spot in Spearfish Canyon. We pulled over here for awhile. I wish a had a fishing pole. You could see the fish in the clear water. It would feel good to take a dip in the lake.

From here we rode back to the cabin, cleaned up, and relaxed for about an hour. Then we rode back up Spearfish Canyon for our 7pm dinner date with John & Debby and Ashton and her friends in Spearfish.

Our dinner was at the Guadalajara restaurant. I had saw the sign for it this morning so we didn't have any troubles finding the place.

John & Debby arrived about 10 minutes later followed by the rest of the crew.

The food was excellent. It was nice seeing Ashton's roommates again. They are married and are also expecting very soon.

Spearfish, SD. 20:33, mileage 59,573 - Fuel and more 44 oz teas. We made our third ride of Spearfish Canyon today as we headed back to the cabin.

Today was a great day for family time...John & Debby with Ashton and me with Monty. We finished out the night being lazy bums hanging out on the deck and watching TV.

225 miles.

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