2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 18

July 1

The convenience store pizza last night tasted good but the cheese on it had that certain taste I associate with intestinal problems. About 5:30 this morning it made itself known. I almost made it the whole trip without gastrointestinal problems. An hour or so later I was back in bed.

The alarm went off again at 8:12. We're meeting at 9am then we'll find breakfast somewhere. There are only 258 miles left in our vacation. Sigh. It's hot and humid. Sigh. We used carts to haul our luggage out and packed the bikes.

These birds must have had a nest nearby. They were sqawking like crazy and spreading their wings. They didn't like us being around.

IHOP was literally just down the street so that became our breakfast stop. The place was almost empty when we got there. Within fifteen minutes it was packed. Omelette with ham and hash browns for me.

We have plenty of time today so we are gonna revisit a few places. The first being the state capitol building. When we were here before we had difficulty finding parking. Not so on this Sunday morning.

When we got there the main entrance was locked so we made a loop of the building to see if any other doors were open. They weren't. However, now the main doors were unlocked. We had to go through the metal detectors just like an airport. No problems.

We happily waited in the air conditioning for the guided tour at 11:00. The tour guide in Lincoln put all others to shame but it was still a good tour. Near the end I snuck off to use the restroom to deposit some more cheese. When I re-emerged Donna was waiting on me. Bless her heart. She and I finished the tour by ourselves.

The next stop on our Springfield tour was Abraham Lincoln's tomb. Despite some road construction it was a quick trip from the capitol.

The caretaker's home.

Lincoln's tomb.

The branches on this tree were twisted and it looked really OLD. I wonder if this tree has been here as long as the tomb?

Lincoln's burial site. There are signs posted reminding people to maintain a reverence. As the curator was giving his presentation some women from a bus tour started filing in and they were jabbering their heads off. The curator had to get onto them. I enjoy visiting the Lincoln tomb. The grounds are nice. It's free.

When we finished here we mounted up for the final ride of vacation. We made our way through Springfield on part of Route 66. Soon we were eastbound on US36. The next thing we needed to do was find some gas. We hadn't filled up since Missouri.

Mechanicsburg, IL. 12:52, mileage 61,373 - We ended up riding a couple miles from the highway to find this station. It had old style pumps and reminded me of the Fayetteville Store back home. We also grabbed some drinks.

John noticed a crack in Mike's headlight. Something else for Mike's 'to do' list.

The temperature was getting hot but the cloudiness took the edge off. This line of motorcycles is tempting us to follow them wherever they are going.

Decatur, IL. Plenty of stoplights here.

Train! Back on two lanes for the first time since mid-Nebraska. Traffic isn't bad. I think we passed one car then had the road all to ourselves.

Tuscola, IL. 14:22, mileage 61,439 - Fuel, smoke, rehydrate. There's a big antique mall across the road. We ate there in 2010.

Back home in Indiana.

I enjoy the old steel bridges.

Rockville, IN.

Greencastle, IN. 16:12, mileage 61,524 - Our last fuel stop of the vacation. Sigh. The bison skull box is a little worse for wear, but it is almost home.

In August of 1999 I bought my Ford truck in Lodoga, IN. On the way home I stopped at this store to use the bathroom and get a pop. When I walked out of the bathroom there stood my brother. He had been working on a house remodeling project nearby and had came here for lunch. It was a funny chance meeting at an odd place and it made me think of getting to ride with him on this trip.

Spencer, IN. Just 17 days ago we passed through here headed for adventure. Now the adventure is almost over. Sigh.

As we rode through Bloomington Mike took the lead for the rest of the way home. The sun has came out and the closer we got to home the more miserable the temperature got.

Mike & Jerri head for home at Tunnelton Road.

The Potter residence. 18:02, mileage 61,609. Months of planning. 18 days of execution. 4388 miles. The trip is officially over. We offloaded some things out of the trailer. John & Debby were pondering a shower, and Donna & I headed towards home.

We wanted to pick up some food to take home. Subway was closed due to a water boil order so we went to Penn Station. The sky has suddenly gotten darker. We might get wet. This picture is looking due west and that's the way we are headed.

We made it home about ten minutes before a storm. Orange will get a rest and needs a new front tire, fresh oil, and a wash. Once again it was a reliable steed.

Donna and I both have the next couple days off to wind down and catch up on things around here.

258 miles.

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