2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 4

June 17

Today, like most days on this trip, we pretty much slept in until 8 or 9 or so...sometimes later. Piddle around. Eat some breakfast. Hang out on the deck or porches. The first thing on the agenda today is to make a Walmart run for supplies.

We've already found some deficiencies with the cabin.

- It was advertised to have wifi but it doesn't. We will have to walk down to the clubhouse for that.
- It doesn't have air conditioning.
- The inner liner of the hottub cover is pretty much disintegrated and the hottub is full of plastic grit.
- None of the rooms have dressers or places for storage. Same for the bathrooms.
- There are only two washcloths in the whole cabin.
- There are no baking dishes or pans. No crockpot.
- The gas cylinder for the grille is empty, and the grille is filthy.
- There are only two chairs on the front porch and the rear deck.

We unhooked our trailers then took Ashton's car (the Pumpkin) and went to the Walmart in Spearfish. In addition to groceries we also bought some other items we needed that were mentioned above.

We ended up with three cart loads of stuff.

After the groceries were unloaded the guys headed to the clubhouse to do some exploring.

The clubhouse.

The clubhouse is a nice place. It wasn't really hot outside but the air conditioning felt good. There were a couple bathrooms, a sauna, a couple hottubs, a pool table and air hockey table upstairs. We found a mouse stuck in the pool so we caught him and put him over the fence.

The clubhouse explored, we headed back to the cabin. A guy came in to do something in the clubhouse and he had a friendly dog in the back of his truck.

While we were away the girls had been cooking lunch. Meat loaf, potatoes, green beens, deviled eggs. Mmmmmmmmmmm. It was good. We saw a deer outside. It would come by almost every day.

After lunch we headed to the clubhouse. John needed internet access to do some last minute work. The rest of us went upstairs and relaxed. We found that the air didn't work on the air hockey table and there was a pool ball missing. Donna and I played some pool anyways, then Mike and I played. Then we laid around and watched some TV. It was nice to be lazy after lunch.

After we all had returned to the cabin we decided to ride to Deadwood. We'll check out the stores and see what is going on. The guy who owned the Road King invited us to park with him and share his meter. Ashton and Kyle followed us in the Pumpkin. They parked in the parking garage because this lot was full.

We walked down Main Street checking out the shops on the south side. I pretty much followed Donna around while she looked at things. It was fun watching her look. During the course of going from store to store we got separated from the others. John sent me a text saying there was going to be a shootout, so Donna and I headed down the street where the others were already seated.

The sheriff in the shootout talked about the history of Deadwood. The premise of the shootout was a poker game gone bad. A 'two against one' shootout ensues leaving the 'two' dead in the street. The lesson of the shootout was the victor stood and took careful aim while the two losers fired recklessly on the move.

After the shootout the sheriff advertised some other shows in town. One was an 1870's burlesque show just down the block. We went to check it out only to find it was not running that night.

We stopped in a connected building where most got ice cream. Donna got some taffy and we shared a coke. There were lots of casinos on Main Street. The nice thing about that is they all have nice bathrooms...should the need arise.

We worked our way back down the other side of Main Street. Once we had looked at all the shops we headed back to the bikes.

We decided to stop at the Pizza Lab in Lead for supper. Since Ashton had her car we decided to get the food to go and eat it back at the clubhouse.

The pizza was excellent. It had a thin, crispy crust. After supper we went back to the cabin and congregated on the back deck for most of the evening.

When I had installed my portable radio in the bike that day I didn't want to waste any more cable ties so I just stuck it inside my trunk to see how that would work. Not very well. In fact, sometimes I didn't seem to be transmitting at all. While the others were on the deck I went downstairs, took my shower, and downloaded my GPS files and pictures for the day. Then I went outside to check out my radio situation. For some reason it wasn't transmitting properly. I had also brought the cable for my GL2Way system so I connected the Kenwood radio to it to see how that system would perform.

Another thing that has been annoying me is my phone (Motorola Atrix 4G). It has worked flawlessly for several months but the past couple days it has been rebooting itself several times an hour. I'm not sure what the issue is. I deleted any apps I didn't need in hopes it might help, but so far nothing has worked. I cleaned the battery terminals but it didn't make a difference. A small victory was Donna's phone. It has been shutting off on her for the last several weeks. I cleaned her battery terminals and it fixed her problem.

Tomorrow we are going to Mount Rushmore and ride the Norbeck Scenic Byway.

13 miles.

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