2012 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Day 13

June 26

We've been fortunate to have such beautiful weather here while much of the country has baked. Today nature gets its revenge on us as temperatures are predicted to break 100 degrees. It already felt warm when we awoke this morning. Sigh...

Based upon the weather we've decided to go to air conditioned places as much as possible. The girls have gotten word of a antique store in Pluma so we'll be going there. The checkout girl at Dakotamart also said there was a hardware store in Pluma so we'll go there so Mike can get a bolt to fix his trailer.

Since it is already hot and the rides will be local we went helmetless.

One question on our minds this morning is 'where the hell is Pluma?' On the generic motorcycle route map we have it shows it being south of Lead. My GPS has no record of Pluma. There is a gas station and some businesses on US385 several miles south of Lead, and I thought this might be the place, so that's where we headed.

When we got there it was not Pluma. It's just a gas station and some businesses. We were talking about the hardware store and Donna mentioned there was a hardware store just passed the carwash we used the other day. About the same time John did a search on his GPS and it located Pluma at the same place Donna was talking about. Time to backtrack.

John leading to the now discovered Pluma.

On the hill in the above picture you can see the Homestake Mine buildings. It was nice to be able to identify things now as opposed to just wondering.


We found the antique and hardware stores. We had been through here several times but there are no signs identifying this area as Pluma. We were in for another surprise. The store was closed. The sign said they opened at 10am. It was after 10am, but the store was closed.

We decided to wait awhile to see if anyone showed up, and since we had time to kill, we went to the hardware store next door. Mike got his hardware and the rest of us got drinks. Then it was back to the antique store to wait.

The owner showed up about twenty minutes later. The store felt nice and cool. They had a basement and it was even cooler. I'm not a big antique person. Donna found some things she liked but said the prices were high. She even called her sister and confirmed it. She bought a little blue glass cup for $5. John and Mike took a liking to some buffalo skulls they had. They didn't allow picture taking inside the store.

Headed through Deadwood to our next destination...

...the Tatanka Native American Interpretive Center just north of Deadwood on US85. When we got here I had no idea what this place was. It turned out to be a very interesting place. It was built by Kevin Costner after filming the movie 'Dances With Wolves'. It tells the story of the buffalo and of Native Americans. A Lakota named Billy gave us a presentation. I learned the buffalo are actually bison. He gave a lot of information about the history of the Black Hills region. They have indoor and outdoor displays. We also watched a movie about the inspiration for and building of Tatanka.

As we were leaving the gift shop the lady there gave us 20% off coupons for the Midnight Star restaurant in Deadwood. It is also owned by Kevin Costner. Now we know where we are going next.

We cruised down Main Street in Deadwood to find the place. It ended up being near the town center so we parked in our familiar parking lot.

A short walk and we were there. They seemed busy but we only had to wait a few minutes until they had cleared a larger table. There was a lot of movie memorabilia from Kevin Costner movies. The food was good. I had a chicken club and potato salad. We spent some time soaking in the air conditioning.

From here we'll be riding through Spearfish Canyon on our way to Walmart for shopping and to use some of their air conditioning. The ride was peaceful and the shadowy parts of the canyon felt good. By now it was damn hot.

Once in a great while the combination of sun, heat, and wind combines to mess up my eyes. I'm not sure if it is sun blindness or dust in my eyes or what. The best way to describe it is like getting hit in the eyes with pepper spray. Burning, watery eyes to the point where I can barely see. It only lasts for a minute or so but it sucks. When we were leaving the canyon this happened to me.

We parked near the shade at Walmart. We bought our supplies and all too soon it was time to venture back into the heat. As we rode back through Spearfish Canyon I had another episode of pepper spray eyes. The little ponds and lakes looked especially inviting in the heat.

We stopped at the Cheyenne Crossing store to browse. Unfortunately, it had just closed for the day. John & Debby made some phone calls in response to a cryptic message about Kyle. It turned out to be nothing, but parents always worry and having almost no cell signal didn't help.

When we got back to the cabin we didn't do much. Just tried to stay cool. That evening John cooked steaks on the grille. Delicious, as usual. There was a nice breeze that evening that offset the temperatures. Where's the air conditioning? Same place as the wifi I guess.

Monty & Stephanie left Colby, KS, at 5:28 this morning and made it to Columbia, MO, before stopping for the day. Tomorrow they should be home.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler and we'll be doing a long ride.

81 miles.

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