2016 Niagra Falls motorcycle trip

Day 9

September 2

Last night we pondered leaving around 9am, however we were packed by 8:00 and on the road by 8:15. There are no special stops on the route today and I think we are ready to get home. Dogs await us.

Little Hocking, OH. 8:28, mileage 91,647 - We took US50 westward and stopped a few miles into Ohio for gas. Donna also got some ice.

While we were sitting there someone asked how far we had to go. Donna looked at the GPS and said 352 miles. Hmmmmmm. That's odd. When we started it was at 332 miles. I also noticed the 'miles until next turn' kept increasing even though the bike was not moving. I stopped then started the route navigation and it seemed to clear up.

A few miles down the road we continued on OH-7. This will take us down to the Ohio River for awhile. About midway to Pomeroy I noticed that some of the maps on the GPS screen were gone. It's as if we were riding through nothingness. The mileage info on the screen was also inaccurate again. Eventually it gave an error that there were no points to route by. I restarted the GPS and it picked up where it left off. Strange. I hope this is a software problem and not my old, reliable GPS dying.

As we got closer to the river our track returned to the maps and all seemed good.

When we reached the river you have to go right or left. The GPS said to turn left. I turned left and the GPS said to turn right. What? There is no right. Right at the intersection was the correct way to go so we did a U-turn. Soon we were cruising along the peaceful Ohio River.

South of Pomeroy you can continue south on the west side of the river or cross over and head south on WV-62. We crossed over.

I chose this route because it parallels railroad tracks. In retrospect the other route would have been better. There were no trains and the road quality sucked.

Update: I found out that Norfolk Southern abandoned that rail line in Spring 2016 due to the government's war on coal.

Point Pleasant, WV. Home of the Mothman. We rode through here a couple years ago on our way home from the Outer Banks.

Here we are crossing the Kanawha River, then we will cross the Ohio River on the bridge to the right.

Welcome to Ohio for the second time this morning. From here we will be on 4-lanes for most of the day. Time to engage cruise control.

Piketon, OH. 10:41, mileage 91,754 - At Jackson we turned onto OH-32 that will take us all the way to Cincinnati. The Ohio State Police have been running a lot of radar so we watch our speed. Their radar antenna is mounted on the roof and looks kind of odd.

At about every gas stop someone buys a lottery ticket. No one hit the lottery so we continue home in poverty.

It has been nice looking in the mirror and seeing that black Goldwing for the past nine days.

At one point it was hazy due to burning a large number of felled trees.

As we neared I-275 the stoplights caused some minor traffic jams. There hadn't been much traffic on OH-32 but that changed once we were on I-275.

Welcome to Kentucky.

It seemed to take forever to reach Indiana. This is familiar turf and it feels like we are getting closer to home.

Lawrenceburg, IN. 13:00, mileage 91,874 - Our final stop for fuel. 110 miles to home.

A few miles down the road (US50) we stopped and ate lunch at the Lawrenceburger part of Whiskey's restaurant. They have great food. Donna loves their BLTs and I had a chicken club.

Back on the road with full bellys. A considerate farmer pulled over and let traffic go by. Two thumbs up!

West of Seymour we stopped and got some produce. Donna has got me liking cantelopes.

Sadness came on the west side of Bedford when Monty & Stephanie turned onto IN-450 and headed to their house. The adventure is over.

Buford was happy to see us and he got a big hug from Donna. Donna ran some errands and took Buford with her. I put the bike away and mowed the grass. Back to reality. I have three more days off due to the Labor Day weekend. Donna has to work tomorrow.

333 miles.

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