2016 Niagra Falls motorcycle trip


This was a nice end-of-summer trip. 2153 pleasureable miles.

It was nice for the girls to get to cross Niagra Falls and New York City off of their travel wish lists. I'm glad Donna got to visit Cortland and reconnect with some of her past.

My tire leakage issue ended up not being an issue. Tire pressure stayed at 31 psi the entire trip. I still want to find out where it is leaking down at. (Update...the valve stem)

After we returned home I was going to travel to Illinois to look at an RV Hauler. At the last minute the guy changed his mind and would only accept cash. I couldn't accomodate that change in the timeframe I had so I didn't look at the truck. The search continues.

We've added Cortland, NY, and Cumberland, MD, to our list of places we'd like to visit again. Cortland seemed like a nice college town.

It was nice to stay at motor inns most of the trip.

For several days Donna had issues with watery eyes. Allergy medicine we picked up helped some. As soon as we were back in the Indiana region her problems went away.

For the most part the roads this trip were excellent. I'd love to do a trip exclusively on US highways, or ride them from end to end.

I'm still looking for a replacement for my trusty Garmin 478. I doubt I'll find one since Garmin seems hellbent on touchscreens and dumbing down their interfaces.

The weather was great. The few times we rode in rain it was by our choice.

As always, my favorite part of the vacation was being with Donna. She is my Precious, and she makes my life a continuous vacation.

At this time our trip for next year is still undecided, but I'm sure the girls are scheming. I wouldn't be surprised if it involved a beach.

See you on the Highway!

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