2016 Niagra Falls motorcycle trip

Day 7

August 31

The route today is not all about going home. We'll be taking a scenic route down the Jersey shore. This is something else Donna has wanted to do.

While I was mounting my GPS I thought I would make a loop through the lobby and pick up a cart. I happened to look up and saw a cart going into Monty & Stephanie's room. They were thinking ahead of me!

It looked cloudy in the area but it seemed to be more a sea fog, if that makes sense. We left a little after 8:30.

Hazlet, NJ. 8:36, mileage 91,043 - We rode a few miles down the highway for fuel. Donna also got ice and pop for the cooler. She keeps us well-stocked.

There are a couple oddities I've noticed about New Jersey. The first is this is one of those states where an attendent pumps your gas. I guess motorcycles are optional because they let us pump our own. The second is their traffic patterns. There don't seem to be any left turns at stoplights. Instead you exit right and the lane will cross back over at the next light. That was hard to get used to.

The first place I planned to go was the Gateway National Recreation Area. It looked like it might be a scenic drive. As we approached the entrance we could tell there would be a fee involved. The ride is only a few miles long so I made a U-turn. I didn't feel like paying for a short ride.

We went south on Ocean Avenue. Due to the sea wall views of the ocean were sparse. It was a nice ride though.

The girls wanted some beach pictures so we parked at Navesink Beach near Deal Lake. You're supposed to pay to go on the beach but the attendent let the girls go for free since they only wanted a few, quick pictures.

Donna and Stephanie took some beach pictures and got some sea shells. Monty and I waited at the entrance like the good drivers we are.

As we were getting ready to leave a guy came over and started talking to Monty about motorcycles. This happens a lot and is part of the fun of riding. I overheard something about 'Goldwings' and 'trikes' and I think he asked Monty why he didn't have a trailer too?

When we left here Donna was having a serious bladder emergency. We ended up at the Asbury Park Boardwalk. If you look at the previous picture it is the buildings in the distance.

You have to pay to park here. Since we figured the girls would spend some time shopping we went ahead and paid for our spots. $2/hour if I remember correctly.

We spent about 45 minutes here. Donna got a good deal on some shirts. I got an Asbury Park sticker for the Dumpster.

We continued along the beach for awhile. Every so often the road would head inland to go around an inlet or lake. When we were on the main thoroughfare stoplights became an annoyance.

We had went along the shore about as far as we could go. Donna wanted to eat at an authentic fish place so we did a GPS search. It found the Crab Shack just up the road. We actually rode passed it because we were expecting something more commercial looking.

It was a nice low-key place. The food was fresh and excellent. When you live in Indiana you can tell when the seafood is fresh, because we aren't used to it. I had a combination platter.

I had planned to ride US-9 to US-40. However, we didn't want to fight stoplights so we took the Garden State Parkway. I don't like toll roads but it was faster. At the first tollbooth Donna threw some quarters in a basket. It cost us $1. At the next booth we were out of quarters so we went to a booth with a human. Because of my trailer we were charged $4.75. Damn!

Because we had deviated from the planned route I was at war with my GPS. I kept switching back and forth between the planned route and the route it suggested because at some point I wanted to pick up the planned route on US-40. The GPS suggested route wanted us to skirt Philadelphia. Not happening.

We ended up exiting the parkway at Pomona Road. I had a nagging feeling another toll booth would appear soon and I wanted to avoid it. The intersection with US-40 was some kind of weird 5-way thing. I actually turned into a mall and when I came out we were on US-322 instead. No biggie as it eventually worked its way to US-40.

Mays Landing, NJ. 13:36, mileage 91,155 - We stopped at a small gas station that had no restrooms or drinks, but they had the cheapest gas of the trip. $2.19 for premium.

We ended up stopping on US-40 near Elmer for pop and a stretch break.

US-40 was a nice road to ride. Love the US highways!

Eventually US-40 merges with I-295 as they cross the Delaware River. Once on the other side we did some twisting and turning before eventually reaching DE-41. We'll take this road most of the way to the motel.

Welcome to Pennsylvania and slow speed limits.

The highway was pretty much arrow straight. I love the old barns. So much history. The white van appeared lost and was going extra slow in spots.

At the intersection with US-30 they had an odd road construction project and traffic was slow. We weren't too far from the motel and we could see a storm brewing. A school bus pulled in front of a long line of traffic and then stopped every 1/2 mile to let kids off. Very aggravating. I wanted to beat the storm to the motel.

Ahhhhhh...the Cherry Lane Motor Inn. We stayed here a couple years ago and liked it so much we are staying here again.

Once again we had adjoining rooms. It felt like old times to be here. Each room has a bench seat outside the door. The Amish carriages would clop-clop-clop down the road.

No sooner had we unloaded than the skies unloaded on us. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the rain.

When the rain had subsided we decided to venture out to find some dinner. There are a couple restaurants just down the road on US-30. Donna wiped off the bike. She's so precious.

Out for supper. There's another storm in the works.

We went to Deinner's Country Restaurant. When I got to the door Donna had a disgusted look on her face. They close at 6pm and they were shutting down. Close at 6pm??

We went to a store next door and did some shopping. Donna found a purse and some other things.

We went to another area closer to the motel. By now it was sprinkling.

We had supper at Miller's Restaurant. They had a marvelous smorgasboard. We had cookies here a couple years ago.

When we left it was raining. It was only a mile or less to the motel. When we arrived Donna noticed we had lost Monty & Stephanie. After a few minutes I rode back down to the highway to check on them. I guess they came in the side entrance as I left because I missed them. No problems, they had stopped at a convenience store for some supplies.

The rest of the night we lounged as the rains came and went. It was a good day.

204 miles.

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