2016 Niagra Falls motorcycle trip

Day 8

September 1

When I woke up this morning Donna said "You might as well go back to bed." It was raining. She said in an hour or so the rain would be moving off.

In the meantime it was a good opportunity to sit outside on the benches, drink coffee, and play Candy Crush. While they sat outside I went ahead and got cleaned up for the day.

Eventually the rain stopped and the lazy Wright brothers came out of their rooms. The girls started loading stuff and Donna wiped down the bike again.

Ronk, PA. 9:29, mileage 91,255 - We fueled up the road and as is her custom Donna packed the cooler with ice and drinks.

Headed west on US-30 with wet roads.

The roads had dried out by the time we reached Lancaster.

US-30 bypasses Lancaster but goes through York, so we had to stop at several lights.

I just happened to get this picture at the last second. Our fire department does a lot of business with the Fire Store.

At Gettysburg we split from US-30 and headed south west on PA-116. I would have loved to visited the Gettysburg battlefields but it wasn't in the schedule.

The past couple years I have been entertaining the idea of getting a toyhauler and pulling it with a semi truck. I've gone back and forth on the idea. This trip has convinced me to do it. It would be great to be able to spend more time to explore. Donna is all for it. We could take Buford with us.

This neat little one-lane bridge appeared out of nowhere. It was a nice surprise.

Blue Ridge Summit, PA. 11:34, mileage 91,337 - We stopped for fuel and decided to have lunch here at the pizza shop.

The route from here goes through the small town of Pen Mar. I'm guessing it got that name from sitting on the Pennsylvania-Maryland border. The road ended up being a smaller, curvy road as it wound over the small mountain that Pen Mar sits on. Another nice surprise. The Appalachian Trail also passes through here.

Nice views. The dark clouds gave us some concern, but they never seemed to be where we were riding to.

Soon we were riding through Hagerstown, MD, on US-40.

US-40 was just as nice a road today as it was yesterday. I liked all the porches on this house.

US-40 lasted for about 15 miles...

...until it merged with I-68/70.

Cumberland, MD. 14:02, mileage 91,426 - We had to drive around some to find a gas station. Monty got separated at a light so we waited on him.

I broke down here for a few hours in 2007 when I was bringing my Goldwing home from Virginia. I had to have a U-joint replaced in my truck. No breakdowns today, or the whole trip for that matter.

This is another one of those towns that wants you to stay longer and explore.

This is the second ark I know of that someone is building. There is another one in Kentucky.

When I'm on the interstate and see a two-lane road I wish I were there instead. The interstate has no soul.

When we were at the gas station in Cumberland the ramp for the highway was just across the road. I told Monty we had to turn quickly to make the ramp. Armed with that information the dirty dog took off and left us behind. He led for awhile. I keep telling him that he will have to lead a whole trip one of these days.

One state closer to home.

At Morgantown we left the interstate since we will take US-19 for awhile. As we approached the US-119 intersection traffic was backed up due to a stop sign there. I hate stoplights but that intersection needed a stoplight.

Morgantown is a hilly town so it was a fun ride through it. There were lots of turns and we had to make sure we were in the correct lane. This little tram system was interesting.

Leaving town we crossed the Monongahela River and US-19 went steeply up a hillside.

Looking back there was a beautiful view of the town. I like river towns for some reason.

After a few miles the road narrowed and had some patchy roughness. I expected better for a US highway.

We hadn't gone far when a bug splattered me right in the middle of my lense. Annoying.

The road seemed to go on forever and was more rural than I thought it would be. A couple times I started to question if this was US-19, but the fact that it had centerlines and foglines convinced me that is was.

Eventually we came to an intersection with US-19. What?? Now I was really baffled.

The road became wider with more sweeping curves.

Rivesville, WV. 16:00, mileage 91,520 - Fuel stop and rest break. This a nice little town. There was a railroad track behind the gas station. It looked well used, but no trains came.

I'm not sure how it happened but when we crossed the river in Morgantown we took the River Road and not US-19. That explains some things. The River Road wasn't terrible but I'm sure US-19 would have been a nicer ride. The thicker purple line is our actual track. The lighter line was the planned route.

The ride down (now confirmed) US-19 was nice. Just down the road we passed a railroad trestle with another trestle above it. The upper trestle appeared abandoned but it looked cool, and kind of sad.

It is buildings like this that make me love to ride the US highways. Americana. It makes my mind wonder about its history.

We went through several small towns as we continued south. It was around 5pm and businesses were shutting down for the day.

US-19 merges with US-50 at Adamston. Once again Monty took the lead as we were westbound and down. We rode this road two years ago on our way home.

Eventually he got way ahead of me. Sometimes out of sight. It felt odd to be a lone bike after all these days together. I increased the cruise control so that I could eventually catch him again by the time we needed to turn. Cruise control games on the interstate.

There they are!

Not too much later we were at the Parkersburg Travelodge. It is right off US-50.

Adjoining rooms again and parking right out front. Donna found a few cleaning issues here but nothing that required a new room.

We needed some supplies. There were no Walmarts around so we found a K-mart. The one in our town closed a few years ago. We also got Buford a toy from the trip.

This would make a great RV Hauler. It is based out of Indianapolis.

We did some GPS searches to find a place for supper. The first place didn't exist. The second place looked like a rough bar. Choice #3 was Dairy Queen. Donna has wanted some chicken strips with gravy for a long time and tonight she got them.

The weather was nice so we ate outside. This is our last supper of the trip.

Back at the motel we put the bikes to bed then we did the same. Tomorrow we will be home.

361 miles.

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