2016 Niagra Falls motorcycle trip

Day 6

August 30

There is no motorcycle riding today. We will be tourists and take advantage of public transportation. We are going to lower Manhattan to visit the 911 Memorial and some other places. The girls have been wanting to come here for years. I came here several times in 1986-87 for work.

Here we are waiting on our 9am taxi pickup. I called the night before and made reservations. He was on time. The train station parking lot was full so taking the taxi worked out well.

The train station was only a few miles away, but too far to walk. Especially since we plan to do a lot of walking in the city. We asked some construction workers about buying train tickets. They directed us to the kiosks.

The kiosks where we purchased our tickets. $86 for four round trip tickets.

The train arrives! It was fairly empty this time of day. The seats were nice and comfortable and it was air conditioned.

The ride along the shore was nice. Plenty of water for Donna to look at.

As we neared the city it became more urban.

New Jersey Penn Station.

Once at the main station we had to buy tickets for the PATH train. PATH stands for Port Authority Trans Hudson. In my mind I thought we took the subway from here, but this is a separate system. Once we found the appropriate ticket machine my credit card quit after two tickets, so Monty & Stephanie had to buy their own with cash.

The PATH train was almost empty as well so we had no problems finding seats. It made several stops enroute to the World Trade Center plaza.

The transportation center at the World Trade Center plaza. We walked around for awhile. The place is huge. Donna asked some cops for directions.

The top floor of the station from outside. As soon as you stepped outside you heard the sounds of the city.

One World Trade Center.

Our first stop was the north reflecting pool. There are lots of people here.

The next stop was the 911 Memorial. Tickets are $24/person. I had some concerns my credit card might not work since it quit buying PATH tickets but it worked fine.

Entering the memorial you go through a security checkpoint.

The memorial is large and very subterranean. The bottom floor is the base of where the towers stood. It is a very solemn place. Here are some pictures from the memorial...

We left the memorial before Monty & Stephanie so we waited for them by the south reflecting pool.

Time to explore Manhattan. Donna has a list of things she wants to see and do. I love being here with her and seeing her excitement.

St. Pauls Chapel is the first place she wanted to visit. It sustained trivial damage during the 911 attacks. Donna talked to one of the custodians about its history.

I looked at many of the gravestones. Most were from the 1700's. So much time has passed for the living.

The girls bought some souvenoir books about 911. The guy they are talking to was there that day.

We came upon a plaza area with lots of food vendors. One of the things Donna wants to do is get food from a street vendor. We got chicken shish kabobs from the Halal Food vendor. Check that off the list.

She wanted to see Wall Street. Broadway was an extra. Check.

The New York Stock Exchange.

There was a lot of building rehab going on with construction canopies everywhere. It made a nice place for shade.

The Trump Building. Check.

We weren't far from the bottom of Manhattan and Donna had mentioned seeing the Statue of Liberty so we headed that way. The helicoptor tours are located in this area so they were buzzing everywhere. The rides started at $199/person. For that kind of money they needed to fly us back to the hotel.

The Staten Island Ferry building was blocking the view of the statue so we trekked through Battery Park for a better view.

Donna got to see the Statue of Liberty. Check.

We'd seen all the sites we planned to see so it was time to head northward towards the train station.

Along the way we came upon the Bravo Pizza shop. Donna got a slice of authentic New York pizza. Check another thing off her list.

Take a picture with an NYPD officer. Check.

Back at the train station. It was a great day in New York City. Look at that pretty smile. It makes my heart happy.

The PATH kiosk wouldn't take my credit card so I had to use a different one. We had to wait a while for the train. It was crowded so we had to stand.

Ahhhh...back on the comfortable NJT train. It was confusing trying to find the correct track to be at. A cop told Donna one thing. A conductor told me another. The message board agreed with the conductor. The southbound train had bilevel cars. We sat on the top. I called another taxi to meet us at the station.

On the way back the taxi driver suggested the Red Oak Diner as a good place to eat. It was about a half mile away from the hotel so we hoofed it.

I had my favorite...pork chops, mashed potatos, and corn. It wasn't the best I've had but it sure beat room service.

We stopped at the drug store on the way back for more drinks. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. We did a lot of walking. Several miles according to Donna's Fitbit.

All the highlights of the trip have been accomplished and it's time to start thinking about the trip homeward.

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