2010 Michigan Suburban trip

June 20

It was a beautiful morning on our last day of vacation. The campground was quiet. About the only sound was a cropduster off in the distance dive bombing fields.

It's early...barely past 6:30. The Potter cabin looked quiet as Mike and I brought our luggage over to the Suburban. Eventually John & Debby emerged and we loaded up the truck.

There's really only one goal for today. Get home. Today is Father's Day and we all have dads or kids to see. The truck was packed before 7:00, but we didn't start moving until 7:25. We smoked, looked at the trike, and dreamed of hitting the lottery. Winning the lottery has been a popular theme this trip.

There were lots of carriages out on this Sunday morning.

The town of Ligonier was still pretty quiet. Our route is IN-5 to Ligonier, then US33 to I-69. Along the way we're looking for breakfast possibilities. So far they've been slim to none.

I liked this big, old Victorian house. When I hit the lottery I'll get one, or maybe a big country home.

All's quiet in Churubusco.

Fort Wayne, IN. 8:41 - At the I-69 & US24 interchange we found an IHOP. Since we were headed home I decided to risk being miserable and had pancakes, ham, and eggs. The pancakes were awesome.

After breakfast the trip down I-69 was kind of vague...mostly cause I slept most of the way. We stopped south of Indy and Mike took the wheel.

Land of humidity, 12:53 - The vacation is officially over. My grass needs mowed, my house is hot, and there are bunches of limbs in the yard from recent storms. Screw it though, I'm going to meet the family in town for Father's Day dinner. Check the epilogue for some post-trip surprises.

258 miles.

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