2010 Michigan Suburban trip

June 19


We were up, packed, and ready to go by 8am today. But it is not the end...just a transition. We'll spend the night in Shipshewana, Indiana, before truly going home tomorrow. Mike is driving and I copilot and man the GPS.

Speaking of the GPS, I let it calculate its own route today and it surprised me. I assumed it would try to interstate us as much as possible. I assumed wrong. The route it chose was two lane all the way. We headed south on the Blue Star Highway, then east on now familiar MI-43.

At one point we got behind the two-lane scourge...someone going too slow. Eventually he pulled over and Mike was soon back up to speed.

We made a pitstop at the instersection of MI-43 and MI-40.

After our break we continued south on MI-40, eventually merging with US12 then US131 on our way to Shipshewana. Along the way we passed small towns, the occasional lake, fields, and the ever popular train tracks. We liked to check out the passing bikes, especially the Goldwings, now that John has recently joined the fold.

Shipshewana, IN. 9:54 - We arrived at the campgrounds where we will spend the night. We stopped at the desk and told them we were there. It was too early for check-in of course, but this way they could get our cabins ready. Their power had been out for most of the morning. Apparently the storm that came through last night had been really bad down here.

We drove into town in search of food. The Blue Gate Restaurant looked good. We headed that way. I checked out the pavered walkway they had. The buffet was great.

After brunch we went to a shop across the street. There I found some different style Flipnote books and refills. They would come in handy as I had accidentally washed the one I bought at Meijer Gardens.

Finished with eating and shopping we took off on our next adventure...a 90-mile driving tour of the area. They have an interesting setup here. You can get a CD at a hotel that will lead you on a narrated driving tour. It talks about the history of the area, the Amish heritage, and lots of interesting tidbits. The tour took us about four hours.

The whole tour was fun. Listening to the CD. Pausing it. Looking for the next road and landmark. Seeing all the sites. Taking pictures. It was like a road rally.

Near the end of the tour we stopped at this cheese store between Middlebury and Shipshewana. They had lots of free samples that the others enjoyed. Sometimes cheese is not my friend, so I kept my distance. I went outside while the others were checking out and saw a nice Goldwing trike go by. By now it was mildly warm and humid. We're definitely back in Indiana.

Driving tour

We went to the campground and checked in. Here is Mike and mine's cabin. Very comfortable. We undeployed our luggage and such from the Suburban, settled in, then the guys headed in town to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for our evening cookout.

Debby, always resourceful, used roast she had bought for pot roast and cut it into steak strips, which John cooked to perfection. Another great meal.

After supper we retired to our cabins. Mike watched some TV while I piddled with the wireless internet. I was a little disappointed with the internet. They gave you 15 minutes free internet then you had to pay for more. No thanks. I checked my email then shut'er down. I layed on the bed and even fell asleep for a bit.

John in heaven...and Hefner mode.

My phone rang. John had spotted a burgundy GL1500 trike just down from him and he was going to investigate. We met him there. He went to the owner's cabin and asked his permission to look at it. The owner was a great guy. He came out and we talked about his trike and bikes in general for way over an hour.

By the time we quit talking about bikes it was getting dark so all went our separate ways. For me, it was a little more TV then I went to sleep.

192 miles.

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