2010 Michigan Suburban trip

June 18

The last day we spend somewhere we normally do something close to home. Today is no different. We're gonna do some things up the road in Saugatuck.

When I got up and dressed this morning the others were out front smoking. Here Mike is enjoying a beautiful Michigan morning.

I don't smoke. For the whole trip whenever John or Debby would smoke the first thing they did was bite the filter of their cigarettes. I had to ask why. Apparently the Camels they smoke have some sort of menthol packet in them that you burst before you smoke. Now I know.

Instead of heading north on I-196 (and all its construction) we took the more scenic Blue Star Highway. Just 10 miles and 26 minutes after leaving the house we arrived at our first destination of the day...the Keewatin Maritime Museum. John has spoke of this place for ten years and now it's nice to be seeing it in person.

The ship is huge. It used to be part of the Canadian Pacific passenger service. Passengers would arrive by rail to the Great Lakes, take the ship to the other end of the Great Lakes, then re-board another train. A teasing sign...not the only one for the day.

Up the gang plank into the gift shop where the tours begin.

The tours are guided. You start at the bottom of the ship and work your way to the top.

You see the ships mechanicals..

...passenger accomodations...

...the dining halls...

...the bridge, and all points in between.

Keewatin pictures

The gentleman in the darker blue shirt is the ship's owner. The other fellow does most of the meticulous rebuilding of the ship.

We spoke with him for a few minutes. He had interesting stories and perspectives of the ship.

We finished here and drove to downtown Saugatauk near the river. We walked for a few blocks looking for something for lunch.

Somehow I got put in charge of finding some place to eat, so I chose Wally's Bar & Grill. It was outside yet shaded. The food was good. We all had Wally's fish sandwiches.

After lunch we wandered down to the river walk and veg'd out for awhile. We watched the boats and John was finally able to complete his insurance business on the wrecked Venture. It was nice to enjoy the lazy summer day...our last one here in Michigan.

Our next event for the day are rides through the sand dunes. I wasn't sure what this entailed but it ended up being very interesting. A little history.

I got excited when I saw this sign. I looked in the box and it was full of baby rattlers...the toy kind. Ha ha.

The dune buggy ride is highly recommended. It is like a sand dune roller coaster ride. The guy would drive fast around curves and up and down the hills. Then he would stop and give some history/ecological information about the area. There is also a drive through some woods. I would do that ride again.

On the way back home we stopped in Glenn. John got Debby some ice cream, and Mike and I went to the store and bought a styrofoam cooler. When we got home the guys walked down the beach one last time. There was a storm rolling in across the lake. As the storm got closer the wind picked up and the tide started to rise. By the time we headed back up the stairway the beach part had disappeared under the tide. We were able to get to our driveway before the rain hit.

Dinner for the night was leftovers. I had chicken and dumplings and some meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We did some cleaning, some laundry, some packing, John and I made floorplans of the house, sat on the deck, played on the computer looking for the trikes...just trying to suck up one last night of 'Pure Michigan'.

28 miles.

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