2010 Michigan Suburban trip

June 17

It was a typical lazy morning. Eat a little breakfast if you wanted. Mess with the computer. Hang out on the deck. Talk about possible trikes. Enjoy the lake breeze. A little of the "vacation is winding down" feeling is upon us.

Today we'll do our most traveling as we go explore Lansing. When possible on our trips we like to visit the state capitol buildings. It makes for a nice history lesson of the state you're in. We were on the road at 11:13...an early start compared to the last couple days. I did the driving honors this morning.

There's something about the back seat that causes sleepiness.

I-196, 12:29 - We pulled over at a rest stop several miles east of Grand Rapids...not too far from where turned to go to Alto the other day. Restroom break, coke break, smoke break. Just spending time hanging out.

Lansing, MI. 13:28 - After a little searching we found a parking place near the capital across from the city hall building. The parking spot had a parking a meter and between us we had enough change for an hour. Guess we'll risk it after that.

We decided to grab some lunch. East looked like a good way to go. The temperature was perfect. Back home it's either raining or miserably hot and humid. We walked several blocks passing over a river along the way. We walked by a ball park and an arena. They had some good bands advertised to play there.

We came upon Clara's Lansing Station Restaurant and it looked good. The inside was nice. Chef Kurdziolek is making ribs tonight so we had sandwiches. My turkey club was awesome.

After we finished lunch we headed back to the capital, and put more quarters in the parking meter. We entered the capitol building on the bottom level. We had the option of waiting for a tour, or doing the self guided tour. We chose self guided...we can take our time and see what we want to see.

The building had been undergoing renovations and it was beautiful. The dome was spectacular. I'd love to be able to go to the top. The chambers were very ornate, and the hallways made for plenty of exploring. The main floor had some nice backlighting. When we returned to the basement we were surprised to find it was some simple lighting shining through the transluscent floor.

The bottom floor had a state police post, a gift shop, and a vending/break room. No pins in the gift shop. We hung out in the break room for awhile reading about the history of the construction and restorations of the capitol building.

There had been a NASCAR race in nearby Brooklyn the first Sunday we were here. While I was exploring the basement a guy walked out of one of the offices. He was wearing a crew uniform from Carl Edwards' 99 race team. He walked out the back door. I peeked out the back door to see if something was going on. Didn't see anything. Hmmmmmm.

After spending three hours in Lansing we headed south. There was a Honda motorcycle dealer in Potterville. We put the address in the GPS and took off. The GPS has been doing a great job...and it's somewhat entertaining.

The Honda dealer sucked. There was almost nothing in the shop. We did stop so John could get a picture by his namesake town. I guess where there is a Potter there is also a Wright lurking nearby.

The GPS wanted us to backtrack to Lansing and go back the way we had come. I was defiant, and took I-69 south to Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. I prefer to cover different ground.

East of Kalamazoo we pulled over for a break. By now the temperature has crept to the hot side.

We headed back on MI-43 we had taken after our trip to the Air Zoo. Mike was now piloting the ship.

Headed north on the Blue Star Memorial Highway.

It was an uneventful trip home...where I went into Hefner mode, and watched Mike make his magical ribs. The rest of our night was spent letting the ribs digest. It was good!

243 miles.

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