2010 Michigan Suburban trip

An excellent, relaxing trip. Being in the Suburban wasn't a disappointment, and at times was nice. Air conditioning, and we could always talk to each other.

Tim Allen is correct when he advertises Pure Michigan. The weather was great. It was friendly and clean. The house prices were suprisingly affordable. I miss the lake breeze everyday.

As bodies of water go, we've decided the Great Lakes are nicer than the ocean. Just a nicer atmosphere all around.

The GPS was a nerdy companion the whole trip. The Suburban's navigation was okay, but I like having the full GPS. I can download the tracks and help me remember where all we went when it comes to time to write these trip reports.

When I was in Michigan my mom emailed me and said my weather station wasn't updating. She went over and rebooted the computer but it didn't help. When I got home I found out why. On June 13th the house apparently got hit by lightning. Lost two computers, the weather station, a satellite receiver, two printers, various other computer stuff, some radio equipment, etc. As of this writing a month later I'm just now getting things back to 'normal'.

At least I don't have to wait very long for our next trip.

See You On the Highway

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