2009 South Dakota motorcycle trip
Day 14

June 19

I woke up early this morning. I looked at the clock and there was still plenty of time before I needed to get up for our 8:00 departure. I laid in bed for awhile and reflected on our trip. I heard a train going by so I watched it out the window. When it had passed I noticed the Nomad was gone. Hmmmmm. Mike must be on the move early this morning. Then I noticed John walking across the road to get his bike. Man...he's an early bird, too. Wait a minute. I looked at my alarm clock. I looked at the hotel clock. Then I looked at my cell phone. Crap! My alarm clock was still on South Dakota time. It was 7:55!

5 minutes later I was washed, dressed, packed, and heading towards the bike. A couple guys walking by stopped and talked about bikes for awhile. Throughout the whole trip many people have stopped to discuss bikes from their past or present.

St. Joseph, MO. 8:34, mileage 30,689 - We fired up the bikes and rode down the street to fuel up. A few minutes later we were on I-29 headed south. Seems to be a lot of traffic. We skirted Kansas City and avoided the hassle we experienced in 2004 on our way back from Colorado.

Odessa, MO. 10:02, mileage 31,783 - I had planned on stopping in Grain Valley, the site of our last stop on the way back from Colorado, but we hadn't ridden that many miles. It's already hot and I've borrowed sunscreen from Mike.

Columbia, MO. 11:45, mileage 31,876 - We stood in the shade and drank a pop. We decided to eat at the Wendy's just up the road.

'Just up the road' is a misnomer. The road was divided, traffic was horrible, so we had to drive the other way to a stoplight, turn around, and drive to another stoplight and do a U-turn...all the while watching out for people with their head up their butts...or attached to a cellphone. As we were getting ready to leave a couple tour buses came in and nearly blocked us in.

O'Fallon, MO. 14:01, mileage 31,968 - We stopped here so we could make a nonstop run through St. Louis. It was stinking hot so we stood behind some bushes under a shade tree. There was a nice breeze. We hung around here for over half an hour. We spent a few minutes in their beer cooler. It was cold! Our next stop will be in Illinois.

Carlyle, IL. 16:11, mileage 32,051 - We're now on US50. We'll take this road the rest of the way home. Traffic was slow going through Lebanon. We passed a nice looking old Victorian house that was a bed & breakfast. In 2004 we rode across Illinois and stopped here to eat. It was the first time any of us had ridden that far. Today we parked behind the store in the shade and watched the clouds roll by.

Vincennes, IN. 19:45, mileage 32,159 - Back on eastern time and our last gas stop of the trip. Sigh...

Our first meal of the trip was on the Dumpster, and so will our last. A group of Goldwing trikes came by and talked to us. One couple had a removeable trike system.

We mounted the bikes one last time, and headed east on US50 through the small Indiana towns we know well. At 21:30 I peeled off over the SR37 overpass. A half mile later the Kurdzioleks went their way. John and I continued to talk on the CB until we were out of range. For the first time in two weeks we were apart. I stopped and gassed the bike and got one more pop.

Eureka, IN. 21:54, mileage 32,231 - Back home. The bike has 3973 more miles on it than when it left and I have two weeks of great memories.

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534 miles

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