2009 South Dakota motorcycle trip

Our first two week trip and hopefully not our last. I'm voting for two months. It was nice to have plenty of time to see a lot of sights. It was nice to have Ashton's Pumpkin for the rain days.

The Goldwing proved itself as a long distance machine. Even after our 702 mile day I felt fine.

No mechanical problems to speak of this year. Blown GPS fuse. Bad trailer convertor.

The rain on Day 2 sucked, but it toughened us up. We had better gear this year than in 2007 when we rode across the Smoky Mountains in a thunderstorm. Being able to see makes a world of difference.

I love the car tire. After 4000 miles it still looks brand new. It was awesome for all the miles we did. I'm not scared to see gravel in the road now. The ride is softer and wet weather traction is great.

I really enjoyed the GPS with its weather radar and XM radio. It was nice to have lots of miles and days to try out the features you normally wouldn't mess with around home. I never had a problem with glare.

It was nice that we all had trailers. No issues with room.

If you're gonna stay somewhere for several days and have many people at all, renting a house/cabin is the way to go. Usually cheaper and definitely nicer.

A lot of the places we visited I've heard about all my life. Now I can put a pictures and experiences with the names.

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See you on the Highway!

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