2009 South Dakota motorcycle trip
Day 11

June 16

Today is a non-motorcycle day as tomorrow we'll start our trip back home. We're gonna take the Pumpkin and visit some places we've seen throughout the trip.

We hung out in the garage for awhile and discussed our plans, eventually loading up in the car and heading out. The first place we went was a Christmas store east of Hill City. I bought a candle for my girlfriend. This is one of those shops where I wish she'd been able to come with me. She's more of a 'lay by the pool' person when she's on vacation but I think she would have enjoyed the scenery and hanging out. We sat on the shop's front porch and talked to a couple who rode their Goldwing. There's a little bit of that "last day in South Dakota" sorrow.

We came back to Hill City and checked out the shops again looking for things we hadn't found during the trip. Most had bought jackets and/or chaps during the trip, and they wanted to find some type of facemask if the weather turned bad on the way home. Just something to look for as we shopped.

There were a lot of bikes out today. Electra Glides seem to be the most popular.

These bikes were from the Netherlands.

A cute girl was riding the blue one.

We hit the shops again and bought a few things. I bought a couple more things for my girlfriend and my nephew. We went back to the house and had lunch and lounged around.

There was a health food store in Custer we'd seen the other day as we passed through. John and Lisa had visited some during our trip as they work for a publishing company, and they deal with health food products. We decided to go to Custer to visit that store and check out the shops. Debby and Ashton decided to stay behind and get some things done.

We drove to Custer, passing the Crazy Horse Memorial for the umpteenth time. We went to the health food store and checked out the other shops in the area. There were some interesting shops but we didn't buy much. On the way back to Hill City we stopped at a couple roadside shops. One was run by an eclectic lady. She had a picture of her firing a Thompson submachinegun. We stopped at a larger shop near the Crazy Horse Memorial where I bought yet a few more things for my girlfriend.

When we got home we pulled the trailers inside and hooked up the bikes...making sure all was good for our departure in the morning.

We cleaned the Pumpkin and got it back together.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging and doing some pre-packing...and wishing we could stay another week. Mike fixed a pork concoction which was heavenly.

Pictures from the day.

North view from the house

South view from the house

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