2009 South Dakota motorcycle trip
Day 13

June 18

Sterling, CO. 5:28, mileage 31,153 - It's a beautiful morning as we packed up our stuff. The storms from the night before are long gone.

We rode a grueling 0.1 miles to the front of the motel and had a continental breakfast. The picture above is one of my favorites from the trip.

Here is the same shot with the sun behind me. We left Sterling at 6:08.

Paxton, NE. 7:39, mileage 31,260 - As we made our way into Nebraska the landscape was still flat, but took on a greener tint. My MP3 player was acting up so I listened to some country radio. It was a nice change.

Kearney, NE. 10:56, mileage 31,390 - We've lost an hour now that we're in the Central time zone. We've also crossed the 100 degree longitude line and are back in the humidity. It's also hot. We spent almost an hour here while some phone calls were made.

When I was packing for the trip I saw a tube of sunscreen in the basket in the bathroom. I tossed it in my kit cause you can always use sunscreen. Mike asked me for some sunscreen at this stop so I tossed him that tube. He looked at it, then looked at me with a funny look. He said, "This isn't sunscreen. It's foot cream." Oops! It looked like sunscreen at a glance. Must've been left there by my old girlfriend. So, Mike had to go inside and buy some sunscreen.

Seward, NE. 13:23, mileage 31,498 - A standard gas stop...but with more phone calls being made. To make a long story short, by now both the Potters and Kurdzioleks had receieved fraud calls from their credit card companies. We suspect someone at the Super 8 in Sterling as they made paper copies of our cards. I called my credit card company and luckily everything was fine.

48 miles down the interstate we were at our special destination for the day...the Strategic Air and Space Museum. By now it was stinking hot and humid and we thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioning and aircraft displays. We also had lunch here. Also snagged some pins and stickers.

The ultimate toy hauler.

The B-52 and the B-36 are impressive, but the B-17 is my favorite. It's so historical.

After two hours of enjoying beautiful aircraft and being lazy, we marched back into the heat. Instead of taking the interstate up to Omaha and back down I plotted a course via some 2-lane roads. We shot across the interstate picking up NE50 south for 30 miles, then left on NE2 for another 22 miles before merging with I-29. Even the 2-lanes weren't immune to the incessant road construction. We were stopped at a couple different bridge construction sites. I was scared by a train air horn at the beginning of NE50. It was hidden on the other side of a tree line.

Rockport, MO. 17:59, mileage 31,625 - We're back in Missouri. This was an interesting stop at a Trail's End store. They had tons of neat truck stop type stuff. From here the hotel is only about 65 miles. A short hop for us.

St. Joseph, MO. 19:19, mileage 31,689 - Our final stop for the day. The St. Joseph's Holiday Inn Express. We didn't know how hard it would be to find, but when we dropped off the bypass there it was. We checked in, cleaned up, then met for an excellent supper. I had steak and shrimp. Yummy!

After supper John and I walked to the convenience store down the road for pop. On the way out the front door was a guy with a new Camaro rental car. John started talking to him and next thing we're sitting in his car checking it out. Nice car.

Pictures from the day.

528 miles

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