2011 Goshen motorcycle trip

August 7

Today we pack up and head home. There's not much dreariness in the air. It's a relatively short ride home. It seems we've packed more than a weekend's worth of fun into this weekend. The plan today is to be on the road by 8:30.

Similar to the route up, the route back is 'countrified'...we'll take Indiana highways and avoid Indianapolis. Debby said John had been feeling ill earlier this morning. I asked if he'd rather take the quicker route through Indy on the way back home, but he said country roads sounded good to him. Country roads it will be.

Clean black bikes. Mine still has grime from Georgia.

John and I skipped breakfast. We packed the trailers and watched more trains rumble by. No rain predicted for today. Temps are expected to get hotter but for the time being they are pleasant. We haven't fueled up since Friday but we have enough gas to go awhile longer.

We finally rolled out of the parking lot at 8:49. Black bikes were following me. Traffic was light on this Sunday morning. We'll take SR15 south for aways...pretty much dropping straight south.

Warsaw, IN. 9:25, mileage 53,720 - The first fuel stop came in Warsaw. The town was still quiet. The temperature is creeping upwards. I've seen lots of 'new bike smiles' in my mirror. It seems odd to hear music coming from Mike's bike.

IN-13 and I-69. 11:47, mileage 53,813 - A Pilot truck stop at I-69 presented itself as the next stopping point. It had the same poor selection of LED lights and stuff. The food choices here are few...anything you want as long as it is Subway. Greenfield isn't too far away so we decide to eat there. I'm not sure at what point the temperature goes from 'warm' to 'hot' but we've crossed it.

What few non-fast food places we found in Greenfield were swamped by the after-church crowd. We passed through a couple small towns and found this Waffle House in Shelbyville.

We got a booth in the back and our waitress was a hoot. My innards were still iffy so I had another hamburger.

From here it's a short jaunt to I-65, then Seymour, then home. About 85 miles, so we decided to get it over with.

We drove 2-lanes the entire weekend and we get behind our first slowpoke twenty miles from home. He finally turned off at Medora.

Lingering tornado damage from this past May several miles east of Bedford.

I rode to Mike & Jerri's house to deliver their luggage, then I went to the hospital next door and gave my girlfriend a suprise visit at the ambulance dispatch. She said she missed me.

Eureka, IN. 15:48, mileage 53,950 - Home.

251 miles.

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