2011 Goshen motorcycle trip

August 6

Today we will visit the craft fair at Amish Acres. We did our hotel breakfast at 8:30. My innards were unhappy so I had a couple boiled eggs. The others had scrambled eggs and biscuits & gravy. Their's looked much better.

I have to get used to black bikes following me now.

There is a chance of rain today. Hopefully the clouds will keep the temperature down some. My GPS shows precipitation, but all we see are clouds.

When we arrived at Amish Acres they had motorcycle parking up front and they provided parking pucks. Great service! We paid our $7 and entered the melee.

The craft fair booths were setup surrounding a lake. Besides the crafts they also had various shows to watch...quartets, magic shows, etc. There was something everyone could enjoy.

It took a few hours to visit all the booths. Seasoned crafters, the girls made a camera list of things they wanted to buy. As the day went on it became hotter. The occasional cloud provided some relief, as did awnings and fans set up in the booths. A couple times it looked like a storm would blow in but there was no rain. I did hear a lot of trains passing by.

By early afternoon we were feeling the need for lunch so we went to the only air conditioned restaurant there. They had a 30-45 minute wait. After some discussion we decided to collect the things we wanted and eat in town.

We made another quick pass around the fair as the girls collected their items. I got to chuckle at John and Mike loaded down like mules. Ha! Soon we were headed back to the bikes.

A lot of bikes had arrived since we had.

We rode into town and eventually found the Country Center Cafe. Only one problem. It wasn't open.

A small defeat, we took full advantage of the air conditioning.

It took some driving around to find a non-fast food place. John & Debby spied a place just off the square and we parked about a block away. Those are buggy stables in the background.

The restaurant they found was Hunter's Hideaway. It was more like a bar with an attached restaurant. The food was great! I had a hamburger. The portions were huge. I'm not sure if anyone was able to clean their plate.

We hung around the parking lot for a bit after lunch. I was a little disappointed a train didn't go by given as many as I had heard earlier.

It was a short 16 mile ride back to the hotel. The girls unloaded their goodies. We cleaned up and lounged at the pool for awhile enjoying our last night here.

Later John and I met outside to install the trailer harness. The sky looked like rain, but we hoped for the best. Our hopes didn't last long as it rained pretty hard for a few minutes. We moved the trike under the canopy. This was our only rain of the whole trip.

After we found the harness we needed it didn't take long to connect the trailer wiring.

We used snap connectors to get the trailer home. We'll solder the wires later.

Soon everything was connected and ready for the...sigh...trip home tomorrow.

We finished the night with Pizza Hut delivery and watching 'Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives'.

32 miles.

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