2011 Goshen motorcycle trip

682 miles of Indiana highways, sun, and fun.

A new Venture for Mike, and a new trike for John & Debby! Who would have predicted that??

Now everyone has touring bikes. Let the trips begin!

The weather was great. No rain (on us). The last two days were hot, but nothing like the oppressive heat and humidity we'd had the previous three weeks.

I can see going back to northern Indiana again. It would be a great place for train spotting, or another festival. John will need his 600-mile maintenance soon. Hmmmmmmmm.

I need to find out what food it is that bothers me so much. I lost 6 pounds over our weekend. I should have gained six pounds. Ha!

My new girlfriend likes motorcycle riding, so I can see her going on future trips. Will I need a larger trailer??

So glad to have the car tire back on the bike.

There are several small projects to do to the new bikes. That'll be fun.

The LED lights and radio parts at the various truckstops were disappointing. We ended up ordering lights from Etrailer.

Another trip is just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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