2011 Goshen motorcycle trip

August 5

Last night a bus load of elderly ladies were checking into the hotel. They were taking a bus tour. My mom and her sisters did a similar thing last year. This morning when I went to put the GPS on my bike they were boarding the bus. I sent my mom a text and said seeing the old ladies reminded me of her. She texted me back that I wasn't very nice. Ha!

We met for the hotel breakfast at 8:30. I had an omelette on toast for an egg sandwich. We discussed going to the Honda dealer at Plymouth and everyone was in favor. The loose plan for today was to go to a craft fair at Amish Acres in Nappanee. It's on the way to Plymouth. We'd go to the Honda dealer, then go to Amish Acres afterwards.

It was a nice 41 mile drive to Turn One Motorsports. Sunny. Mid-70's. We rode passed Amish Acres so now I know where it's at.

The Venture was in the main showroom so we immediately started checking it out. It was nicer than the one we saw yesterday. As a previous Venture owner John was an excellent source of knowledge. Mike talked to the salesman (Jerry) and the rest of us wandered around. They had a room full of trikes. They do conversions there.

For the last couple years I have been looking for a piece of luggage that would fit on my hitch rack. Today I finally found what I was looking for...Castle Streetbags P/N 3082. It's huge. Their price was $210, but I got one on Ebay for $120.

From their upper floor you can see the service bay. They were assembling a Motor-Trike kit.

Negotiations and paperwork were taking a while so went down the road for lunch. I had the hot dog platter. A safe food since my stomach had been churny last night. The buns were kind of tough.

After lunch there were more negotiations and a deal was reached! Mike waves goodbye to the VTX.

When someone buys a bike they sign the wall. Who is this Kaylee chick?

I forgot to mention...John & Debby bought a new bike, too! John and Debby were looking through the huge selection of trikes and one thing led to another and the rest is history...just like the 1994 Goldwing.

New bike owners!

By the time everything was said and done it was late afternoon so we decided to push Amish Acres back to tomorrow. We took a circuitous route back to the hotel so everyone could get used to the new bikes. The new bikes had come with full tanks so we stopped at a Pilot station for me to get fuel. The LED light situation was the same here...poor.

We stopped at Walmart for more supplies. The trike has a hitch but didn't come wired so we had to buy that. We also decided to have chicken salad for supper that night so we bought the stuff to make it.

Back at the hotel. Debby's tailbone gives the new trike two thumbs up! We cleaned up. There was some pool lounging. The girls made the salad and we ate it in the hotel breakfast room.

After supper we meandered outside. Mike had had a set of Kuryakyn foot pegs thrown in with the bike and he put them on. We set around watching the traffic and trains. Mike and I drove the trike around the parking lot. Mike & Jerri now have a touring bike with cruise, radio, CB, and lots of comfort. John & Debby's bike is brand new, with adjustable air-ride independent suspension, heated seats, EFI, and tons of gizmos.

It was a great man-day. Tomorrow will be a girl-day.

102 miles.

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