2011 Georgia motorcycle trip

June 18

Today was initially planned as a non-riding day. A few days ago we decided we would go to Brasstown Bald since we missed it the other day.

Mike has cooked ribs on our last few trips. It's become a tradition. Tonight is the night he will cook ribs. Since the grill isn't working he'll be cooking in the firepit so we started the morning building a fire to make a base of coals.

We sat on the porch enjoying our last morning and smelling the wood smoke from the fire. Nice! The girls have decided to stay at the cabin and relax, so we'll be going to Brasstown Bald without them.

With the fire burning down nicely we took off.

As we rode down the driveway and the road down the hill my rear mudflap rubbed a few times. That's odd. Do I have a low tire? I felt it out riding down Gumlog Road. It might feel a little mushy, but not really. When we got to the gas station at the US129 intersection I pulled in and checked it. Hmmmmmm. 8 psi. That's not good. A tire inspection revealed a small screw in it. Damnit! This car tire only has a few thousand miles on it.

We gassed up, then went over to the air station and I put 36 pounds in it. We'll see how well it holds air. I also called Union Powersports in Blairsville. They had a rear Goldwing tire. Plan A...if the tire holds air acceptably I'll ride it out. Plan B...if the tire leaks too much air get a new tire. I'd feel safer making the trip home on a new (non-plugged) tire.

The tire felt fine on the ride to Brasstown Bald. Clouds were low and sometimes you could see Brasstown Bald and sometimes you couldn't.

You can't drive to Brasstown Bald. You must either walk up a trail or take the van. We took the van. I was a little miffed the van ride was another $3...in addition to the $3 we just paid to get in.

Most of the time we were there the mountain was in cloud cover. It was cool and windy which felt refreshing. We watched a movie and looked at their displays. No pins. Convinced the cloud cover was there to stay we decided to go back down.

We decided to take the 3/4 mile trail down the hill. Down is easy. Down is good. We even saw a bobcat off the trail a ways.

We stopped at the gift shop and they had a pin and something to drink. I was starting to get hungry but nothing looked good. When we got back to the parking lot we found a couple more Goldwings had joined us. A GL1800 trike and a GL1500.

I checked my tire pressure and the answer was...20 psi. We would go with Plan B. We headed down the mountain, and followed the GPS to Union Powersports in Blairsville.

Brian gives Orange a new shoe.

Brian and Stan at Union Powersports were great. Within 30 minutes my bike was ready to go with a new tire.

John got to experience his inner chopper desires. I saved my car tire. I will patch it when I get home and use it. As I was walking out with the car tire a guy asked me about it. He rode a GL1800 and his wife was there with her GL1800 trike. He had just started using a car tire and wondered about my experiences. I'm not much of a conversationalist, but I enjoy talking about Goldwings and sharing my knowledge.

It was a short hop over to Walmart to pick up some supplies for the evening. You can see the wounded tire strapped to the bike. Even after this short distance I was missing the car tire. The stiff Goldwing motorcycle tire rides like a buckboard.

Clouds had begun to look threatening by the time we got back to the cabin.

More wood was added to build the coals and eventually cooking began.

There was plenty of sitting, and watching, and lounging while the fire burned. I'm already in Hefner mode. It appears the rain will hold off. It looks like I might have had a stroke.

Mmmmmmmmm...the ribs are almost ready to eat. The finished product was delicious, along with salad, corn-on-the-cob, and leftovers. Our last supper was a stomach stuffer. Lots of napkins were used during this meal.

Not long after supper was over the rain came. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the refreshness as the cooking fire struggled to stay alive.

Later, under clearer evening skies, John and I went outside to perform the inevitable task.

I removed my trailer from its hibernation spot for the week and hitched it to my bike.

John did the same.

We spent the evening packing and lounging. Mike whipped me at pool again. We plan to head out by 6am. Tomorrow will be a bland ride home...or will it?

70 miles.

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