2011 Georgia motorcycle trip


- Nine days. 2353 miles. Many calories consumed. Immeasureable fun had. Two new states visited. Rained on four times. One mechanical problem. More map pages converted into pictures in our mind.

- Another great house to stay in. It's the only way to go.

- We continued our theme of visiting state capitols. We might have generated an interest in visiting more Civil War sites.

- Debby remembered to bring her National Park Service book and got some stamps. I forgot mine. I can see another theme beginning.

- It took me a month to finish the trip report because we did so many things and there was lots to write about. Couldn't have did that if all we did was lie on a beach. It's nice to have a flexible plan for the days.

- One thing that stood out on this trip is we didn't do several of the things we planned to do. What looked reasonable on paper took way more time than we had. A good lesson for future trip planning.

- We need an extra week to explore all the things we find the first week. Maybe do it on scooters. Go half as fast and see twice as much.

- There was a little negative deja vu when I got home. Last year I came home to about $5000 worth of lightning damage. This year more like $500...a couple network cards, a motherboard, a power supply, a router, a printer, and a scanner. Sigh...

- Next year Mike vows to be on a Goldwing, and John wants some more LEDs for his.

- We will find a better communications setup than these friggin' CBs. The wheels are turning and supplies have already been ordered.

- My car tire is patched and will be back in service soon. The motorcycle tire sucks.

- When we were still in Georgia we sat on the porch and hedonistically talked about plans for next year. This year the Confederacy...next year the Colonies?? Stay tuned...

See you on the Highway!

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