2011 Georgia motorcycle trip

June 13

It was cool and foggy as we prepared for another adventure. Today we will take a short ride west to Blue Ridge and ride the train. The girls made biscuits & gravy for breakfast. My innards had been a little disagreeable during the night so I had a plain biscuit...just to be safe. The gravy looked really good though.

The auto repair shop where we put on our rain gear yesterday afternoon.

Blairsville BP station. 9:24, mileage 50,697 - Fuel up and head west on US76. It's 4-lane all the way. We should be there in no time.

30 minutes later we were parked in Blue Ridge. I thought there might be an official parking area for train riders, but apparently it's wherever you find it. The train is in the background. We had an hour to kill until the ride so we browsed the gift shop (pins!) and checked out the railcars setting around.

All aboard!

At a couple points in the river there are stones aligned in a 'V' formation. These were put there by Indians to catch fish.

The Georgia/Tennessee border runs through the middle of town creating two towns...McCaysville, GA, and Copperhill, TN.

There's a two hour layover in McCaysville for lunch and shopping. Our first stop was Georgia Boys BBQ for lunch. BBQ sounded great, but I had a hot dog to be on the safe side.

After lunch we went to several stores and walked for several blocks. Nice little town.

My brother and his girlfriend had left last week on a motorcycle trip to Pensecola, FL. They were headed back home today. His girlfriend sent me a text and said he got a speeding ticket near Nashville, TN. Ha! I sent him a picture of a speed limit sign. What are brothers for?

The train leaves promptly at 2:00 pm, so we made sure we were boarded by then. The ride back was very relaxing after a nice lunch. We sat in the rear car. I stood most of the way back to keep from falling asleep. There was a nice breeze blowing through the open car.

Arriving back at the Blue Ridge station John & Debby went to the gift store to pick up some things. Mike & Jerri and I explored a caboose. I was curious if the rear locomotive was pushing or just dragging behind, so I asked the conductor. The answer...dragging.

They were also giving tours of the locomotive so we checked that out, too. The engineer can control the car brakes separately from the locomotive. He said he uses car braking because it's smoother. I had never thought of that.

After the train ride we rode south to Ellijay to pick up some items at Walmart. I got some Throwback Mountain Dew. John was looking for a mount for his Flip camera he had brought, and a seat pillow for Debby. Afterwards to we went to a liquor store back up the road so Jerri could get some rum.

As we neared our cabin community we passed a truck sitting along side the road. It had just offloaded a bunch of boxes in a field. As we passed the truck there were tons of flies swarming around it. No...bees! We rode through the swarm and thankfully no one got stung. A few bees met their fate though when we hit them with the bikes. Apparently he had delivered some honey bee hives.

When we got back home I cleaned up and got into Hefner mode. When I went upstairs John said the electric grill wasn't working. This was not good as he had planned to grill steaks for supper. After some discussion it was decided to cook them in the fire pit instead. John and Mike burned some wood to make a bed of coals. There's nothing like vacation, a beautiful afternoon, a fire, and setting around enjoying it.

John cooked the steaks to perfection. Great steak and taters!

We spent the rest of the evening sitting on the porch talking and enjoying the beautiful view. The weather had been perfect that day. Not a drop of rain. If a tornado takes out my house I'm building one with a second-story porch.

Tomorrow we'll take another scenic tour.

108 miles.

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