2011 Georgia motorcycle trip

June 16

It was no surprise we weren't up early today. I think I got out of bed around 9:30 when I heard movement upstairs. When I got upstairs a few people were sitting around checking email and stuff. No dogs, either. We had built a wall to keep them off the porch. Eventually everyone made their way back to their rooms to get ready for the day.

I came up later to put the GPS on my bike and John was cooking bacon. When I came back in I watched him. As he was finishing he started looking for a place to dump the bacon grease. "Don't you use that to cook the eggs?", I asked. I should have kept my mouth shut. I got put in charge of frying the eggs. I only busted a couple so I ate those since I like egg sandwiches. The bad part was I revealed I have some cooking skills. That might come back to haunt me.

Today we're gonna head north to Cherokee. Check out the stores. See what's there. John & Debby were there last year and they went to a play/presentation of Indian history. We might go to that. It's later in the day so we'll see how that goes. I also mounted the video camera on my bike.

The weather was great. No rain in the forecast. Supposed to be hot today and it's already feeling that way.

It was after noon when we finally put the kickstands up. 12:27 to be exact.

US129 & Gumlog Road. 12:41, mileage 51,328. - After a brutal 14 minute ride (ha!) we got fuel...

and hung out under the gas station porch.

Mike was working on his retirement plan. After our late night last night we still feel like relaxing...and we can. We're on vacation!

When US129 merged with US64/74 it became 4-lane. Time to hammer down. At Andrew the road went back to 2-lane and it wound through the valley between the mountains. It was nice and scenic. A river running beside the road. The occasional tuber floating down the river. Railroad tracks appeared and followed the river with us. Have I mentioned I love trains? When I saw a passenger train I realized this is the Nantahala route of the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.

When we reached the intersection of NC28 the road became the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway and 4-lane. At exit 69 we shot over to US19 which took us to Cherokee.

I've been through Cherokee several times but never stopped here. We parked the bikes and started walking to the stores. I'm not a big shopper but I like to look. You never know when you might find something that speaks to you. I'm also looking for something for my dad for Father's Day.

There were lots of bikes out. Saw some nice Goldwings. There were a lot of Can Am Spyders. A Harley store was acrossed the street. The weather outside was hot, but not humid. The air conditioning in the stores felt nice. I have my eye out for a cellphone case for my phone. It's hard to fit. We're all looking for state pins. In one store they had a black bear plaque that said 'Tourest welcome'. I had to chuckle at the misspelling.

We made a loop of all the stores in the area. One store was closed due a power outage from an earlier storm.

There was an Ultra Classic with a UniGo trailer. Mike (at work) likes them. We decided to ride down the street to a steak/buffet place.

The buffet had lots of good food...even livers. Mmmmmmmm! None of us would leave hungry. We discussed our plans. Debby suggested since we'll be getting up early tomorrow that we could skip the Indian thing we talked about doing. Everyone agreed. I think we're all still a little weary from our late night last night. We'll continue riding east.

Maggie Valley, NC. 17:40, mileage 51,417. - US19 to Maggie Valley is curvy and scenic...as is Maggie Valley. There were Can Am Spyders everywhere. There was one fueling up with us and he said they were having a meet here. That explains it.

Maggie Valley would be a great place to base a vacation out of. You're close to Pigeon Forge, Asheville, the Blue Ridge Parkway, etc. We rode through Maggie Valley then hooked southwest into Waynesville on 4-lane US23. It was 4-lane all the way to Franklin.

At the US23/441 interchange I assumed US441 would be the exit road. In the words of Ron White, "I was wrong". We had to do a loop back.

We pulled over several miles north of Franklin for a restroom break. From here on we'll ride roads we've already covered, so I didn't bother taking any pictures.

We got home a little after 8pm. After we cleaned up Mike whooped me in pool again. The video camera did a good job, but hanging out like it did there was a lot of wind noise. Next time I'll try behind the windshield. I also learned a little about the camera. The battery had run down so I had used the cigarette lighter adapter. I thought/assumed the battery would charge while it recorded. It doesn't. When the battery is dead the camera powers on/off with the accessory power. So sometimes when I thought it was recording it wasn't. Lesson learned.


193 miles.

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