2010 Ohio motorcycle trip

September 6

This morning started off with an interesting selection of leftovers for breakfast...apple pie from Perkins and Donatos pizza. It was served in John & Debby's room. I had a slice of the apple pie and it was delicious. Why did I wait until now to try a piece?

Springfield, OH. 8:23 - Loaded and ready to go. We'll be visiting a favorite destination...the Air Force Museum...now officially called the National Museum of the US Air Force.

Temperatures were in the upper 50's with slightly overcast skies. Definitely weather for a jacket. Nevertheless, it felt nice to be ganged up and on the road to adventure.

23 miles and 37 minutes later we pulled into the motorcycle parking lot at the Air Force Museum...right at opening time. How's that for road captaining?

14:26 - We spent nearly 5 1/2 hours browsing the displays, gift shop, eating lunch, and watching an IMAX film. There were quite a few more displays than when we were here in 2005. The Air Force Museum is ever changing. There were a lot more bikes here when we left. The GPS led us out of town through a run down section of town before getting us to I-75.

Air Force Museum pics

Exit 36 was a pre-planned stop for gas. I had previously searched for nearby Pilot stations. John walked out with a full compliment of LED lights for his Insta-trike. Mission accomplished. Leaving here the focus is to get home. I-275 around Cincinnati came and went.

Lawrenceburg, IN. As we crossed a new bridge you could see the now closed Seagrams distillery.

Aurora, IN,

A few miles west of Aurora is a round building I've had recollections of since I was a wee lad. Today I got a picture of it.

We stopped in Versailles for a smoke/butt break. Next stop home.

There were hundreds of these autorail cars parked on a siding. I'd rather see them hauling cars made in the USA.

Bedford, IN. 18:17 - Another memorable trip has come to an end. I loaded my bag onto the bike and continued my trek to my house.

191 miles.

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