2010 Ohio motorcycle trip

September 4

I got a text from John this morning saying Mike had left around 6:30 am. I got a text from Mike about an hour later saying it was cold on the bike. He had stopped in Martinsville to get some coffee to warm him up.

The plan for today is to visit the New Boston Craft fair. Since we'll be parking in a field we decided to drive the Suburban. The bikes appeared to have had an undisturbed night. There is a large motorcycle dealer just down the road from the hotel. Might be worth visiting if we run out of things to do.

We partook of the hotel's continental breakfast. I had a little muffin. Debby had a biscuit and gravy. John had some oatmeal. None of us were impressed. We'll make up for it today with craft fair food.

A quick stop for pop and cigarettes.

The craft fair was just several miles away at the George Rogers Clark Historic Park. We parked, piddled for a minute, then got in line. The fair didn't open until 10am and we were about 20 minutes early.

The premise of the fair is that it is period related to the late 1700's. People dress accordingly and sell things one would find back then. Here is the main area. There were also side encampments for soldiers, Indians, trappers, etc.

Craftsmen creating things the old fashioned way.

Portraying soldiers, Indians, and settlers.

A working oxen team. They were very obedient.

Costume dress. Is that Slash?

My favorite were the live cannon firings.

The weather was nippy. When the sun popped out from behind the clouds it felt good, but when it was hidden the breeze was kind of chilly. At one point we went back to the truck to get jackets and to smoke. Mike had gotten to the hotel, but had noticed a small coolant leak so he was going to the motorcycle dealer next door to check it out.

While we were outside the park I saw a cute girl riding a bike. We went back inside and had some fair food. Mmmmmmmmm...pork chop. We meandered to the Indian encampment and watched some dancing. Mike called John. The leak had turned out to be nothing and they were in the parking lot. We headed to the entrance to meet them. Soon we saw Mike and his girlfriend Sissy (real name Carol).

They were hungry so we went back to the food area. The food is great but the lines are long. After eating we went over to watch a mock battle. Then it was back to walk around the main camp, checking out the offerings, and eat more food. By now most of the clouds had moved away and the sun was hot. We walked through the woods to check out the various encampments and watched a couple displays, including a guy starting a fire with flint.

Mike & Sissy following on the bike.

Around 17:15 we had saw all there was to see so we headed back to the hotel. At 7pm we met up and went across the road to the Bob Evans restaurant. Mmmmmmm...country-fried steak. After that we waddled back across the road to rest and relax for the rest of the night.

15 miles.

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