2010 Ohio motorcycle trip

September 5

This day started where yesterday had left off...at Bob Evans. Mmmmmmmm...omelette. We discussed several scenarios for the day. We decided to peruse a couple of large antique malls in the area, then go visit the Pennsylvania House. After that we'd play it by ear.

My camera definitely has a head injury...it can't remember the date (EMT joke). I might have to look for another camera if we get to a Walmart. I use the date/time stamp on pictures to piece together the day when I go to write these trip journals.

The first place was the Antique Center. It has a trailer on a pole. I enjoy browsing through antiques. There's always a bunch of junk and stuff but there's usually some interesting things, too. I like historical things...signs, maps, furniture, etc. The thing I've found...when I find something interesting I look at the price tag and it's about ten times what I want to pay.

After spending a couple hours at the first place we moved down the road several miles to the Antique Centre. Same name, different spelling. The antiques in this place weren't as good as the first one. They did have a guy playing live music which was cool. After browsing the store we sat outside by the old fire truck and the others smoked. By now it was right at 2pm and the Pennsylvania House closed at 3pm.

We drove back into Springfield on US40 to the Pennsylvania House. The only problem was it wasn't open. According to the sign it should have been. Hmmmmmm.

We wandered around the outside of the house. I liked all the porches. This house reminded me of the Schenck Mansion in Vevay, but smaller. There were historical markers for the house and US40. It was disappointing the house wasn't open. I'm sure the insides would have been nice to see.

It was mid-afternoon by now, so we decided to head towards Dayton. John has been wanting to try the Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant there. He really enjoyed the one in Iowa. I did a good job not falling asleep on the trip there. :^)

The food was good. I had steak and shrimp. They had several motorcycles and cars displayed. I liked the copy of the Captain America bike. After dinner the guys had a smoke on the patio.

From the restaurant it was only a couple miles to the Wright Brothers Memorial. This memorial commemorates the Wright Brothers' development of the airplane is this area...particularly Huffman Prairie field.

There's a scenic overlook of a levy used to protect the airfields and Wright-Patterson AFB.

We stopped at the visitor center. Surely there would be a pin in here...and there was! The ranger here was super knowledgeable and made the visit great. We watched a film about the Wright Brothers and one about Wright-Patterson AFB. We looked at the National Park Service stamp books and talked about doing some national park tours in the future. The visitor center closed at 6pm and that's when we left. This was the best visitor center ever.

When we got back to the hotel I texted John and Mike about riding to Walmart. I wanted to check on cameras for the ride back tomorrow and also look for a cellphone case. I broke mine in Cherry Point. John answered my text. Mike didn't. Must've had better things to do (wink). We rode a few miles to Walmart on US40 under beautiful dusk skies. I was disappointed at their camera selection. I couldn't find any with a viewfinder...guess I'm a dinosaur. They were out of the one I settled on, so I bought a different one. We'll see how it goes. On the way back we stopped at Big Lots, but they were already closed on this Sunday. Forgot it was Sunday. You know it's an excellent vacation when you don't remember the day.

63 miles.

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