2010 Cherry Point motorcycle trip

August 28

I didn't have far to go today so I didn't care when I got up today. The bike was packed and warming up by 9:15.

I-64 wasn't very busy on this Saturday morning. The cruise was set at 75.

At Frankfort I gassed up at our group's normal gas station. Also found some Lipton purple label (extra sweet) tea.

I had planned to go home via US150 and SR37 but I decided since I had forgone the US421 leg from Madison on the way down I would make up for it today. After a loop around Frankfort I turned on US421 and headed north. The first several miles of US421 is very curvy...curvy enough you have to watch what you're doing.

In 2006 we came upon a motorcycle wreck here. Minor injuries thankfully.

After the initial curvy section the highway settles down to a sweepy, scenic road for the final fifty miles or so to Madison, IN.

Detour at North Pleasureville.

These were the first of probably fifty bikes. Yeah baby!

This guy had no concept of properly functioning shocks, the meaning of the centerline, or that you can go as fast as the speed limit. I was glad when he turned off. Nothing like cresting a hill halfway in the oncoming lane. Dork.

A sister town.

I always enjoy this bridge crossing at Madison. Even got a picture of a barge headed down the river. I stopped at a now-closed gas station and got a picture looking back at the bridge.

IN-56 heading passed the Clifty Creek Power Plant. Those smoke stacks are just shy of a thousand feet tall.

IN-256. Normally I head north at Austin on US31 then catch IN-250 to Brownstown. Today I took IN-256 passed Austin but still ended up the same place in Brownstown.

Just 19 miles from home.

Home. The sun was out today without any cloud cover and it's cooked me pretty good. The grass needs mowed. Sigh.

177 miles.

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