2010 Cherry Point motorcycle trip

The project I've been working on since 2005 requires me to travel to Washington state and Cherry Point, North Carolina, to perform on-site verifications to make sure things work correctly in the field. One of the guys on our team, Chuck, also rides motorcycles.

This put a thought in my head. Motorcycle trip to Cherry Point? It would be a nice two day ride on the bikes. We might even get to do some riding on the Outer Banks since we'd be close. Chuck said he was on board. I decided on the way down we would follow US421 for the most part. Bristol, TN or Boone, NC might be the stopping point for the first day. Then the second day would be more interstate.

I'm not sure about the route back. It depends on when we finish what we're doing. Might come straight back. Might spend a day or two in Pigeon Forge. Might come back a totally different way.

I thought real hard about riding to Whidbey Island, too. But it's a 2400 mile journey one-way, and there is only a week's downtime between the two travels, so I eventually ruled it out.

Update: Due to some last minute health and work issues Chuck won't be going on the trip, so I'll be solo. I also kind of screwed myself. Without thinking I made myself available to work at BRMC the Saturday before I was scheduled to leave and I got scheduled for that day. This means I won't get off until 8am, and I was hoping to start the trip earlier. Hopefully I'll get to sleep most of the night and don't have a late run. I also signed up for Flip's Run and now I can't go.

I've also been pondering some different return routes. If the schedule allows for a long weekend I might take a southern route that involves spending a few days in Pigeon Forge. If I have a couple days to get home I might take a US17/US50 route or a US60 route. I might include a drive through the Outer Banks if I don't get the opportunity to do that while I'm down there. I also have a quick bailout route if I decide to highball it back home.

Stay tuned as the trip comes together.

August 15 - The adventure begins...

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