2010 Cherry Point motorcycle trip

August 21

The plan for this Saturday was simple. Paul would call Joe and we'd decide what/where we wanted to do. I would ride my bike and follow them. It needed ridden to keep the battery fresh. Joe texted me and said Paul would be by around 11.

I was piddling around the room when the fire alarm went off. I was getting ready to go outside when the alarm silenced. I looked in the hall and everyone was just standing there with the same questioning look I had. We all kind of looked at each other and went back into our rooms. A few minutes later I heard sirens and the fire department showed up for the obligatory check. My bike never woke up.

When Paul got there we decided to check out the Morehead City area. I had uncovered the bike already and unhooked the trailer. We locked it to a light post.

US70 headed south. Joe and Paul are in the silver car.

There's a large river crossing just south of New Bern.

The first place we stopped was the Army/Navy store near the base. I found some nice BDUs to use on the ambulance. Paul is in the blue shirt. He is an engineer from NAES Lakehurst, NJ.

Our next stop was a nearby Subway. Joe was starving. We kid Joe about his hummingbird-like metabolism.

We drove through Morehead City then to the east end of the Atlantic Beach penisula.

We parked at the Fort Macon lot and walked to the beach. It was hot but there was a nice breeze. The beach wasn't crowded at all. There were quite a few people fishing. Didn't see any hot girls. We climbed along the rock wall in the above picture.

Off in the distance a freighter/tanker appeared to be anchored.

After our loop around the beach we went to Fort Macon. The visitor center had very welcomed air conditioning. I also found another pin! As we were milling around one of the ladies there told us they were having a live firing of the cannon in about 20 minutes. Yes!

I really enjoyed the tour of the fort, and the live cannon firing was awesome. On top of that the whole place is free. Off to the southeast were some dark clouds, but so far they were keeping their distance.

Fort Macon pictures

Our next stop was the sea town of Beaufort. It required backtracking through Atlantic Beach and crossing a couple bridges. We made a loop by the waterfront and around the town. We parked near the waterfront and walked down the boardwalk and back around the touristy part with shops and restaurants. At one store I bought my brother a shirt while Paul lusted over the checkout girl (she was cute!). We ate at Clawsons. I had seafood. It was excellent.

Prior to dinner we had been sprinkled on while walking between the shops. While we ate Paul noticed it was raining harder. After supper the rain had stopped which I glad to see since I was riding the bike. When we got ready to leave I put on my raingear. It was 42 miles back to the hotel and judging by the skies the probability of getting into some more rain was high.

Paul and I both needed gas so we stopped at a Marathon station just north of Morehead City. It had started sprinkling by then. I wanted to buy some pop for the refrigerator and they didn't have what I wanted at the gas station. I decided to stop at a Walmart on the way back. There was one in Havelock on the correct side of the road so we stopped there. We looked through the electronics for awhile and killed some time.

It wasn't raining when we left Walmart but it didn't take long before it overtook us. A normal rain, not a frog-strangler. We got back to the hotel close to 7:30 and our day came to an end. Rain not withstanding...it was nice to get some riding in.

101 miles.

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