2008 Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle trip

Every year I say this year's trip was the best so far, and every year it's true. This was a multi-faceted trip with plenty of bike riding and exploring. Next year is planned to be our longest trip yet in both time and mileage...two weeks in South Dakota.

Trip mileage: 1856 miles.

I relied heavily on the GPS this trip and it only hiccuped the one time at Mabry Mill. I now have the track logs from each day as a diary of sorts of where we were.

When guestimating our leg times I had used 20 minutes per stop. Reviewing the trip logs I think 30 minutes would be more accurate for future planning.

It was aggravating for John and Debby for the Yamaha to have troubles, but in the end they have a brand new bike...one John has been lusting over for a long time. I know he and Debby felt bad that we spent several hours of vacation time on bike repairs, but no one cared. It was just a different adventure than the one we planned and it had a happy ending. We met some good people, travelled some different paths, and have some more stories to tell.

My bike performed flawlessly. I was still haunted by the problems I had last year. Now I'm more comfortable with the Goldwing. I ended up mounting the Sirius antenna on the rear speaker pod for better reception.

Not a drop of rain!!!

See You on the Highway!

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