2008 Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle trip

Day 3

August 17

Today we leave our Kentucky cabin for our one night stay in Charleston. The girls cooked egg sandwiches...mmmm good. We collected all our things, packed them up, and at 8:35 (mileage 24,858) we headed down the mountain to the parkway. At Clay City we turned off the parkway onto our old Kentucky friend, KY11. Riding through Clay City I was paying more attention to the stoplight than the road signs or the GPS and missed the turn. We got to take a scenic tour to the end of town before I noticed the GPS nagging at me. KY11 was a nice ride to Mt. Sterling. If you've read my other travel stories Mt. Sterling is where I had to replace the serpentine belt on my truck during Operation Get Goldwing.

Morehead, KY. 9:53, mileage 24,920 - This town's name lends itself to jokes and we made several. It's a little hotter today than the past few days. While we were fueling a guy came over and asked about my trailer. He is a fellow Goldwinger. Trip after trip it's interesting to meet new people who like to come over and talk about bikes.

Huntington, WV. 11:32, mileage 24,988 - We fueled the bikes then made our way to Penn Station Sub. We have one of these places in our hometown but I've never eaten there. The sub I had was excellent. I will be visiting the hometown store now.

At 13:16 we pulled into the Charleston Plaza Hotel. The hotel was undergoing renovation by new owners (it was previously a Best Western) and we took a circuitous route to find the front desk. The lady there got us three rooms together and checked us in.

Besides being pleasant and having a large well-displayed bosom, she allowed us to park our bikes right out front.

We dropped our things in the rooms and then decided to go on a walkabout of Charleston. We headed north to the Capitol Market Debby had spied on the drive in. They had lots of good stuff. I got some nuts that were good, and some apple chips that weren't. We looped back to hotel to drop off our wares, then headed east.

Our next stop was the Avampato Discovery Museum. It was multi-faceted and very interesting. We spent a couple hours there. From there we went to the Charleston Town Center Mall. We walked around to a few of the shops. They were starting to close but Lisa was able to get some information from one store she was interested in. Next we had supper at Chili's. It was good. After eating we meandered back to the hotel where we eventually met for some poolside lounging.

We decided to finish the afternoon off by riding up to the capital. Last year we visited Kentucky's capitol at Frankfort. I think West Virginia's capitol is even nicer. Both put Indiana's to shame. There are plenty of statues and displays to see, as well as the Kanawha River next door. After our capital tour we fueled up the bikes and went back to the hotel. Tomorrow we head to Virginia!

178 miles...and a few walking.

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