2008 Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle trip

Day 8

August 22

Sigh. The last day of vacation. Today we head home and end our life of leisure. Our first stop will be Freedom Motorsports. We need to put the hitch on John's Venture and he's also having the 600 mile service done. They open at 9:00 and our goal is to be there when they open.

With that in mind, the bikes are fired up and we leave our cabin at 7:19 (mileage 25,847) making one last pass down the gravel lane.

Princeton, WV. 8:46, mileage 25,906 - We made it to Freedom Motorsports with time to spare. They were already open so we gained some time. John fetched his new hitch to see how big of a job it would be to install.

Fortunately it just replaced a crossbar so we had it installed in a matter of minutes.

Installing the wiring plug went almost as quick and easily and the bike was trailer ready. Almost on cue, the service tech came and took the bike inside for its service. Debby loaded their stuff back in their trailer.

John's old bike was cleaned up and sat proudly in the showroom. The owner said they hadn't worked on the problem yet. (Update 9/2008 - the Yamaha had a bad intake valve. Cost the dealership $1384 to fix it. But once it was fixed the bike immediately sold.)

Soon John's bike was serviced and we rode up the street for gas and breakfast. I had...fried bologna!

We were on the outskirts of Beckley when John passed me and pointed to the off ramp. Problems? No. Debby had spotted the Tamarack Conference and Craft Center. We spent about 45 minutes perusing the many stores in the circular craft mall. We even found some cool West Virginia pins.

Cross Lanes, WV. 13:52, mileage 26,016 - Since we had some rest time at Tamarack we blew by Charleston.

Everyone was ready to keep moving so we rode on to Huntington and ate at Arbys. It was nice to get off the toll road. The pavement at the toll gates was as slippery as ice with all the accumulated fluids...not good when you're trying to dig the king's ransom (6 quarters) out of your vest pocket.

Morehead, KY. 16:23, mileage 26,117 - The sun has been roasting my arms so I broke out the sunscreen.

Frankfort, KY. 18:15, mileage 26,196 - The sunscreen did the trick. I'm quite comfortable now.

Sellersburg, IN. 19:48, mileage 26,257 - Our last stop so we spent a little extra time hanging out. I wish this was the first stop of our trip instead of the last. Can we turn around and do it again? Please??

Home. 21:19, mileage 26,323 - Even though it's after dark it's still hot and humid. Indiana summer. The grass needs mowed and I remember I need to work on my tweaked mower deck. At least this is Friday night I still have the whole weekend to wind down.

493 miles.

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