Return to Preemption

Day 1

When John's bike was damaged by the deer carcass on the South Dakota trip we stopped at a trike dealer in Preemption, IL, to have the bike inspected. The damaged parts were removed. We thought we might be able to come by on the way back to have the new parts installed but that was not to be.

It took a couple months for MotorTrike to get the replacement floorboards sent out for the repair. When they were received at Hammer's Cycle Works they were sent to be painted. Now that the parts were ready it was time to start planning a return to Preemption. This would be a short trip as trips go. Ride over one afternoon, fix the bike the next morning, then ride back.

Bedford, IN. 12:27, starting mileage 62,526 - We gassed up on the way to John's and got some cups of ice. Donna had brought out a couple 44 oz. teas from Steak 'n' Shake. About a half mile from my house her's had jettisoned itself so she poured my big tea into two smaller cups that are cupholder friendly.

We had a different crew for this trip. Besides John, his brother Mike and son Johnny are going. Donna is riding with me. Mike is riding his 1100 Shadow. Johnny is riding a 450 Nighthawk. This will be his first long trip. Departure was set for 1pm.

Donna was initially a little hesitant about going on what she considered a 'guy trip'. She loves to ride and eventually decided to go. I'm glad she did. It adds another dimension to the trip for me.

Cruising through southern Indiana.

I had installed a Yaesu FTM-10R two-way radio on the bike but hadn't had time to work the bugs out yet, so I had my RELM portable interfaced. John and I were able to talk so he rode sweeper.

Terre Haute, IN. 15:00, mileage 62,625 - We took SR54 to US41 then north to Terre Haute. We fueled up on the southern edge of Terre Haute. We thought the girl in the white car was going to clip Johnny's bike. She was paying more attention to her cellphone than her driving.

When we left Bedford the temperature wasn't too bad but somewhere along the way it has gotten hotter. The ride over was nice. I like to take the two-lanes as much as possible. As we got to Terre Haute the traffic around the I-70 interchange was slow and thick.

Donna had enjoyed the El Camino mexican restaurant on our South Dakota trip so we decided to eat there again. I wasn't super hungry (due to the heat) so I got a couple tacos. I sucked down several glasses of pop.

The Fuzz.

The restaurant is on the north side of Terre Haute so after lunch it didn't take long for us to be cruising north on IN-63. As usual there was very little traffic. We'll be on four-lanes for the rest of the day. Time for cruise control and highway pegs.

At the intersection of IN-63 and I-74 is the Beef House restaurant. Sounds like a great place to eat on the way back tomorrow!

Not far into Illinois there is a grain complex with several hopper car tracks. They had a switching locomotive for sale. How cool! Given the trackage situation around Bedford I don't know how we would get it home, though.

Just east of Mansfield we reminisced on the radio about the deer strike that brought this trip about. We saw the two side-by-side cell towers where we stopped on that fateful evening.

LeRoy, IL. 18:02, mileage 62,753 - Fuel stop in LeRoy, IL. I stayed here last fall when I went to Minnesota. They have a Love's truck stop here. I've gotten where I like to stop at truck stops. They usually have more pumps and better facilities.

This was the longest hop of the day...~126 miles. Johnny's bike had went to reserve. Everyone was ready for a stretch. It was nice to stand around and enjoy being on a bike trip. The temperature had dropped some so it was even more comfortable. We calculated it was just over 100 miles to the hotel so we decided the hotel would be the next stop.

John suggested taking I-474 around Peoria and it was a good suggestion. Traffic wasn't bad and the iron bridge across the Illinois River was cool. There were barges parked all along the river due to low water levels.

We arrived at the Galesburg Holiday Inn Express at 20:38 (Indiana time). We all got first floor rooms. The Potter clan in one room, Donna & I in another.

We unpacked then headed into Galesburg to get supper.

Galesburg has a large railroad yard and a lot of train traffic. Train whistles were always heard somewhere. If I had more time I would like to have visited the yard and watch trains for awhile.

There was a Dairy Queen sign near the hotel so we ate there. I haven't eaten at one for a long time. The one near home was damaged by a tornado and never reopened. Their hamburgers were great. Donna had a waffle bowl of ice cream.

Galesburg, IL. 21:41, mileage 62,862 - We fueled the bikes near the hotel. Donna hadn't brought any pajama pants so we headed back into town to find some. We got a pair at the Family Dollar store along with some ponytail holders.

Once back at the hotel we cleaned up, then hung out at the pool for awhile. John showed me an Android tablet he had bought. It was interesting. We decided to meet at 7:30 the next morning for hotel breakfast then we would head to Preemption.

326 miles.

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