Hella driving lights

All my prior bikes have had auxiliary lights to supplement the stock headlight. We have lots of deer here in Indiana and I like as much early warning as possible. I typically have the auxiliary lights wired with the highbeams and angled slightly to the sides of the road.

The four headlight system on the Goldwing is better than any bike I've had (and some cars) but I still wanted my 'deer lights'. A popular choice of lights for the Goldwing are PIAA mounted under the fairing as shown here. PIAA lights are top-of-the-line but I couldn't choke down the thought of spending $250+ for a set of lights. I had a set of PIAA lights on my old Chevy truck and I know from experience a rock will kill them just as easily as a cheaper set of lights. Some of the smaller Hella lights get good reviews so I decided to try a set of Hella FF50's.

The lights come 'some assembly required'. The wires have to be inserted through grommets and the connectors attached. I soldered the connectors and used yellow 16 guage wire for the power leads.

I had intended to mount the lights under the fairing similar to above. This required longer bolts. To make a long story short, I didn't like that location for these lights. They are larger than the PIAA lights shown and didn't fit or look as well. I decided to look at other mounting options.

I thought about mounting them under the mirrors but I couldn't find a bracket or setup that I liked, and when I mounted my Baker Handwings that spot was no longer an option. I decided to try a crash guard mounting setup. I ordered a set of 1" mounting clamps from HDL and set out to give that a try.

I dug through my scrap pile and found some brackets with indented corners. These should make for strong angle brackets. I cut them ~2"x2".

Here is what I came up with. I mounted the clamps as high as I could on the crash guards. The setup feels solid and hopefully it won't vibrate. I should have infinite adjustability. I clamped the angle brackets inside the mounting clamps for better clamping and less vibration.

I covered the wires with ziploom and grounded the lights to engine bolt. I already had the top shelter off for another project. I ran the power wires to the junction point I'd prewired earlier under the left pocket.

When the weather gets better I'll have time to see how this setup works. A small benefit of the lights sticking out is the bugs who try to kamikaze them might miss the bike altogether.

Update 7/2009 - I liked the driving lights but they gave a limited distance beam. I replaced them with a more conventional set of driving lights to get more light downrange. They also have a simpler, more rugged mounting setup.

The Hella lights went on John's GL1500.

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