Sirius mount

I recently upgraded my Sirius radio and bought installation kits for my Goldwing, Superduty, Liberty, and the house so I can use the radio pretty much anywhere. When I bought my Goldwing it had a plastic ballmount two-sided taped to the Goldwing emblem above the radio, but I wanted to mount it on the handlebar with a RAM mount.

After it was mounted on the handlebar I didn't like it. Too much clutter and too many wires. I decided to put it back where it was before but I wanted a sturdier mount.

Here is the finished product and I'll show how I got there.

The only way to access the back of the mounting area is to remove the top shelter so I did this mod in conjunction with other stuff. With the top shelter off there is still more work to do. The mounting area is behind the 'snout' of the radio and the top shelter needs to be separated.

Once you finally have everything removed the actual installation of the mount is trivial. I measured the holes with the mounting bracket (in the right background), drilled the holes, and used 10-24 bolts mounted in a stud configuration. The nuts holding the bolts in place also take up the space of the depression and allow the mounting bracket to set flush on the top shelter. (Rear view)

The mounting bracket in place

From the discussions on the forums I thought space would be a premium between the mounting area and the radio but there was plenty of room.

The mounting bracket in relation to the radio controls.

I mounted the antenna on a bracket connected to the radio. My only concern it might not receive well in that location. If it doesn't I'll have to move the antenna.

Update (May 2008) - I had problems with the handlebars hitting the Sirius radio. I've moved it to the Goldwing Gadget mount.

Update (August 2008) - On our Blue Ridge Parkway trip I got poor reception with the antenna on the windshield vent, so I moved it to the left rear speaker pod. Now I always get 3 bars. I also added an external GPS antenna while I was at it.

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