Foglight wiring modification

My Goldwing came with the Hondaline fog lights. They're only 35 watts but since I only plan to use them 'to be seen' and not for additional illumination that's okay. What I don't like is the factory wiring configuration causes them to go off with the high beams. This means they will go off when I turn on the headlight modulator I plan to install. That will have to change.

Above is a schematic for the fog light switch wiring and here is an actual picture of the wiring. The relay on the right (blue connector in picture) serves no purpose except to turn off the fog lights when the high beams are switched on.

A simple way to keep the fog lights on with the high beams is to jumper across the two power wires. The easiest way to do this is with a solderless tap as shown above since there is no actual wiring involved. You can also snip the blue wire, but I think this is a little cleaner and reversible if need be.

Jumping the power wires wins the battle, but I want to win the war. Another problem noted by Goldwing owners is when the fog lights are used a lot the Honda fog light switch will eventually burn up even with the relatively low current draw (~5 amps).

I will be adding a relay to power the lights as shown in the above circuit. The fog light switch turns on the relay and this mod only requires adding a power wire from the battery. This way only about 1/100th as much current is flowing through the Honda switch and the tail light relay no longer has the additional load of the fog lights.

This will also help if one day I decide to upgrade from 35W to 55W bulbs. I will leave the high beam wire in the area in case one day I decide to add driving will make a good trigger for a driving light relay.

Here is an overview of the completed project. On the right side above the gray connector is where I spliced the relay harness into the factory wiring. The relay is tucked in with the connectors on the left. Power is gotten from the terminal strip in the middle (red wire). The wires from the terminal strip go back to a fuse block I added near the battery. I also wired in a second relay harness in case I decide to add driving lights one day.

Now when I push the fog light switch I hear a nice 'click' and I know the fog lights are getting power straight from the battery.

Update: Apparently Electrical Connection makes a kit to do the same thing.

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