2011 Pigeon Forge motorcycle trip

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I finally got to take Donna on a motorcycle trip and we had a wonderful time. I finally got Monty to come on a trip and it was great having him there. Mike and I continued our tradition of a fall trip. And we got to share the experience with our girlfriends.

Obviously, getting rear ended by an idiot drunk sucked. I hated seeing Donna hurt. It sucked that the bike got wrecked. Now I'll be dealing with insurance companies. I hope the drunk has insurance. We were lucky. It could have been much worse.

It was a blessing to have friends and familiy to help out. Monty & Stephanie were invaluable at the wreck and afterwards. The bike gang (John, Debby, MikeK, and Jerri) salvaged the trip by hauling the bike back home and bringing the Jeep for us to use.

It was nice looking in the mirror and seeing the Goldwings. Having a group was fun. The girls had other girls to talk girl things to, and vice versa. We did stuff together but we did our own things, too.

The weather was great. Other than the few sprinkles the first day it was dry. The days ended up being hot at times but it wasn't bad.

The Smoky Mountains didn't disappoint. Monty and Mike didn't like the windy road to the cabin on bikes. There will be more windy cabin roads in my future. I'd like to take Donna there in the wintertime and see some shows.

We packed a lot into five days. The Biltmore. The Dixie Stampede. Shopping for the girls. Great roads and lots of fun riding.

The camera I bought in Tennessee on the 2009 trip with Mike was broken in the crash. The LCD is broken. It still takes pictures but you can't view anything. My cellphone was also damaged.

This was my first major bike trip with a girlfriend. It was a blast. Girls are pickier about food, and public restrooms, and the temperature...but they make a trip even more fun. Donna was a trooper! I never heard the first whine despite being banged up.

Another trip is just around the corner. Stay tuned!

Update September 12: The bike has $7132 in damage but wasn't totaled. As of this writing the drunk driver is still in jail, and she has insurance.

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