2011 Pigeon Forge motorcycle trip

August 29

"Please stay longer" the mountains tease.

Today was the day to head home. The Goldwing has been replaced with the Jeep. Donna was injured. We're both sore. Nonetheless, we've had a great time.

We'd loosely planned to leave around 9am, and at 9:03 we were packed and ready to go. Mike had texted me earlier to not wait for him and Penny. When we were packing we noticed their bike was already gone. Maybe they wanted to shop a little more or something?

Monty and Stephanie ready to go.

Our first stop was at Fireside Chalet's office to drop off the keys. I parked on the roadside. Having a trailer you can't see and one that is shorter than your pulling vehicle makes for a pain in the butt.

Next stop...Mel's Diner for breakfast. I parked in back and Monty parked in front. I ordered ham and eggs. The waitress asked what type of ham...country or city? There's different types of ham? I chose country. I chose wrong. The country ham was thin and salty. I should have chose city. Lesson learned. It was still a good breakfast though. Even better...Monty bought. Thanks Bubby!

The traffic wasn't bad so we left Pigeon Forge the 'normal' way. Monty had left us behind when we left Mel's Diner. As we headed north Stephanie gave us position and cop reports. It broke up the monotony of interstate driving. They pulled off for fuel in Williamsburg, KY. So did we.

Monty pulled over again in Frankfort. It was interesting he pulled over in the same station our bike gang normally stops at. John said it was a sign he needs to join our bike gang.

It was fun riding with Monty on the way back. When we got onto US150 in Indiana a slow car got between us and Monty got out of sight.

The rear wheels of the car were so bowed in I was waiting for it to fall apart and crash. Thankfully it eventually turned off without incident. We caught up with Monty & Stephanie near Hardinsburg.

When we got to Bedford Donna & I turned and took the overpass. Monty & Stephanie continued into town to get gas. When the riders split the trip is officially over...and it's a little sad.


I expected the grass to be very tall. As we got close to the house it looked funny. What? Then I saw why. Amy had ridden up the road and mowed my grass. She was just finishing up when we arrived. I guess she thought I'd be too banged up to do it myself. She's such a sweetie! If something happens to Donna she's mine...I don't care what her husband says. Ha!

We unpacked the Jeep. Donna went back to her house. I went to the garage and starting stripping parts off the damaged Goldwing. Mike texted me later and said even though we left later we still beat them home.

354 miles.

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