2011 Cincinnati trip

In a continuing tradition of weekend trips we decided to do an Easter weekend trip to the Cincinnati/Newport, KY area. John & Debby have been there previously as well as his brother Mike. It would be a nice place for the weekend. A few hours drive away. John has been itching to get his new trike on a trip and this would be a good shake out for it.

Indiana weather in the springtime is like a woman...fickle and constantly changing. A week away we started looking at the forecast and it wasn't good. As the date got closer the forecast still sucked. On departure Friday the radar and the view from the window made our decision for us...Suburban trip. Sigh.

April 22

Bedford, IN. 8:45 am. - John and Debby arrived for our scheduled 9am departure. I stowed my luggage, they smoked a cigarette, and we collectively cursed the weather. A little after 9am we headed east into overcast skies. We made a quick pitstop to pick up a jacket and a pillow.

We've received a bunch of rain lately and the White River was consuming farmers' fields for miles.

Speaking of farming...I'm all about sharing the road with farm equipment, but, it goes both ways. When there are dozens of places to pull over and you've got 20 cars behind you...then PULL THE HELL OVER. You know you're going too slow when you get passed by a semi. Here is the truck as we passed him.

Brownstown, IN courthouse.

Welcome to Seymour, IN.

Passing through Seymour I saw a rare sight these days...a train.

Versailles McDonalds where Mike Padgett and I stop on our motorcycle trips.

I'd love to be on the bike, but riding shotgun in the luxurious Suburban has it advantages. I can take pictures and enjoy the scenery. The downside is trying to stay awake. Ha! We all enjoy looking at the old houses and architecture. I also like to check out fire stations and big garages. Scourge of the four lane...a left lane bandit.

I've been on this road many times in my life and the familiar sites remind me of different things. This Valero station reminds me of the trip when I picked up my Goldwing in Virginia. It was after midnight when I stopped here to get a french vanilla cappucino to keep me awake on the way home. My memories go back over 40 years ago when our family went to Kings Island.

Just like our fall 2008 trip we're stopping at Whiskey's Restaurant in Lawrenceburg for lunch. We also sat at the same table in the bar. I had fish and chips. Yummmmmy!

The Ohio was also well flooded.

It doesn't take long to get to Cincinnati from Lawrenceburg. Got to see a freight train crossing the river.

Bengal Stadium.

Mike K. couldn't make our trip but he will be here tomorrow with his son at a football camp. We'll eat good food in his honor.

The Suburban's navigation took us to the Newport Holiday Inn Express...our home for the weekend.

We had adjoining rooms. John and Debby unpacked. My room wasn't cleaned yet so I dropped my stuff in their room. We decided to take the trolley and do some exploring. The trolley is across the road from the hotel. We will take the entire route to get to our destination. Note: The trolley can only take exact change. We didn't have exact change, so we had to get some at the hotel and catch the next trolley.

The starting point for our walkabout.

We went to a German nic nac store and scored our first pins of the trip.

We went under a railroad bridge and were on the Queen City tour.

Zigging and zagging through town led us to the river...

...and the Riverside Drive Historic District.

We headed south to the Fourth Street bridge so we could get over the Licking River. Just as we got to the bridge it started to sprinkle.

After crossing the bridge we followed the walkway along the levee through Taylor Park and Riverboat Row.

We had planned to do a riverboat brunch, but it was cancelled because of the high water. Here is the riverboat.

At the end of Riverboat Row is Joe's Crab Shack and our supper location. I had steak and shrimp. We got to watch the staff bust a move.


As we ate the storm that had been lurking all day finally hit. When we finished supper it was still pouring. When it let up some we briskly walked the ~ 1/2 mile back to the hotel. We walked a total of four miles for the day.

The rest of the night was spent lounging. John and I walked next door to Big Lots in hopes of finding him some lounge pants and Debby some heavier socks. We were successful on the socks but not on the lounge pants, so I loaned him a pair of mine. You have to be properly dressed for 'Hefner mode'. We watched a lightening show that evening from our rooms and slept peacefully.

121 miles.

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