Traxxrite triple tree

I put a Traxxion suspension system on my bike three years ago. Since then they have also came out with a Traxx-Rite replacement triple tree made from billet aluminum. It's gotten rave reviews from those who have installed it. Apparently the lower Goldwing triple tree bracket is thin and poorly webbed for a bike of its size, and allows lots of flex. Since I had the bike torn apart to repair it from the crash I decided to add one to my bike.

Here are a couple pictures of the top clamp compared to the stock clamp. It is a little beefier, but it's purpose is mostly cosmetic to match the lower clamp. The silver wedges are my Reg Risers.

Here are the bottom clamps compared. You can see how little 'meat' there is to the stock clamp compared to the Traxx-Rite clamp.

The Traxx-Rite clamp also comes with a set of All-Balls bearings.

All the holes were cleaned with a tap for good measure. I especially like to do this with aluminum. There was some material in the holes.

Here are the clamps installed. There were no fitment issues. All the holes for attachments were dead on.

As of this writing (10/31/2011) I've been waiting over two months for parts to repair the bike, and haven't been able to try out the new clamps.

Update Spring 2012 - Now that I've gotten the bike back on the road I can definitely tell a difference with the Traxxrite trees. Steering response is quicker and it is easier to aim the if the whole front end was one solid piece.

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