Reg Risers

My previous two bikes have had apehangers on them. I love the way they feel. The stock Goldwing handlebars weren't bad but if I snugged up against the backrest the reach was a little long. I decided to try a set of Reg risers from HDL.

The kit is complete with everything needed. Pictures on the instructions would be nice.

Here are the risers themselves. The rear bolts have movement to adjust the handlebars to your liking.

I removed the cable covers on the handlebars to free the cables.

The risers bolt into the stock handlebar holes. Don't forget the locktite.

The first bolt through the handlebars is the pivoting bolt.

This is the bolt that slides. The square nut goes on bottom and slides in the groove.

The sliding bolt is installed.

Here is an overall view of the setup. I currently have them all the way back and the position is a nice improvement. I might adjust them forward slightly. I'm still working with the wiring/cable routing.

Here is the left handlebar hose/wire routing. On both sides I ran the hoses on the inside and the wiring harnesss on the outside. I had to reposition the hose protector grommets on both sides to match the holddown bracket.

Here is the right handlebar hose/wire routing. Notice the Phillips head bolt for the holddown bracket...I dropped the factory bolt into the black hole abyss. Be careful with the hardware.

The kit comes with spacers and longer screws for the coverplate.

Here is the coverplate spaced upward.

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