Enclosed motorcycle trailer

When we were on our Gatlinburg trip I found out I would be buying a bike in Virginia. I was going to haul it home so I needed an enclosed trailer. I had wanted an enclosed trailer for a long time and now I had a good reason to get one.

While at our cabin in Tennessee I checked Ebay and found some trailers being sold by Trailers and More located just north of Knoxville. I checked their website and they seemed to have a selection worth checking out. The next morning we drove to Trailers and More I looked at what they had.

The perfect cargo trailer I was looking for was a 6x14, V-nose, single axle with trailer brakes, and ramp door. I knew from previous research this would only be had by special ordering it. The 6x14 size is harder to find and getting trailer brakes on a single axle is a shot in the dark.

They had several 6x12 V-noses with single axles, and one tandem. Tandems normally come standard with trailer brakes. The tandem also had extra D-rings and a trim package. The tandem it would be. I went inside and talked to Nick Meier...a guy so busy he needed 6 hands. By the time the papers were signed he had knocked $400 off their already low price and threw in some extra D-rings and stuff. Sweet!! I'd pick up the trailer Monday on our way back home. If you're in the market for a trailer give Nick and Trailers and More a call.

Here is the trailer. The Liberty CRD pulled the trailer well on the way home. The only thing that was hard on it were the long, tall grades in the Smoky Mountains. Otherwise it would effortlessly pull the trailer in double overdrive.

The trailer has a ramp...

...and a V-nose to take advantage of some normally wasted space. It's also supposed to cut the wind better.

I added some additional lights that are powered by the battery circuit. The stock light in the center is powered by the marker lights.

I also added 4 more D-ring tie down points and the Condor SC2000 wheel chock.

Later I added hangers for the straps.

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