Condor SC2000 wheel chock

Part of getting my trailer 'motorcycle ready' was putting in a Condor SC2000 wheel chock. I got this one on Ebay (new) for $140.

Installation was straightforward. I bolted the front through a trailer cross brace.

For the rear mounting point I used a piece of scrap 1/8" angle iron I had laying around (save your scraps). This will spread the load over a wider area. I drilled some additional holes near the ends for additional mounting points through the floor. You can see the bolt heads in the first picture above.

The instructions vaguely mentioned that "the cradle needed to be rotated 180 degrees before installation", but didn't really explain what they meant. What they are referring to is the pivoting cradle on the chock, not the whole chock itself. The rear cradle comes packaged as above...

...but is used this way.

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