I've had the Honda CB on my bike for a couple years. It's nice for talking to John on our trips. Recently GL2Way came out with a communications package for the Goldwing. It has a CB module. It can also support a second radio such as an FRS or ham radio. A while back I bought a mobile radio on Ebay and it came with some VHF portables. I'd like to be able to interface one of these portables on the Goldwing. A GPS or radar detector can also be used with this system but I don't have any plans for those.

The GL2Way system is nicely made. It uses the Harley Davidson CB module made by Midland.

Installation is straightforward like the Honda CB. There is a ferrite filter that goes on the passenger headset line.

The main unit sits in the trunk well. Since I already had the hole in the trunk drilled the changeover was even easier. The harness is connected to the main connector and the power connector.

If I had to complain about something it would be the connectors on the main unit. They are hard to get on and off. I'd love to see some old fashioned D-sub connectors here that screwed down.

I was concerned my stereo amplifier might not fit but it did. Whew! The new CB system seems to work well. I sold my Honda CB on Ebay so the new system didn't end up costing me anything. Cha ching!

I'll add updates as I use the system.

Update June 2011. With a trip under its belt I can report on the GL2Way. The Harley CB module seems to have more punch and volume than the Honda CB. It works well but has a few issues I don't like.
(1) When you turn off the key it gives a large pop through the speakers. Not the end of the world but it's annoying.
(2) When you turn on the key and/or start the bike you get a full-volume static blast...even if the CB is turned off and regardless of the stereo volume. I don't like this at all. If I have my helmet on it hurts my ears. During our trip I got in the habit of turning the CB and stereo off before I shut down the bike, but I shouldn't have to do that.
The company says they have software fixes and I'm gonna see if they can fix these problems.

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